In Search of Loganberry Drink

jannieSeptember 21, 2007

I grew up in Western New York (specifically Buffalo) where a lot of Canadian favorites can be found, including a great sandwich known as "beef on weck" and a drink called Loganberry. Loganberry is a dark purple, non-carbonated drink made from a syrup. It's sweet yet dry, refreshing like a good lemonade. Alas, I can't buy the concentrate anywhere. I used to find bottles at Bells in Western NY, but the last store closed down years ago. Anyone here familiar with this drink? Did I describe it accurately? And can you buy it anywhere?

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I typed Loganberry into the Wikipedia search engine and turned up this info, if it's any help.

"A use common to Southern Ontario, Canada, and Western New York, USA, is Loganberry Juice. While the Loganberry is primarily harvested in the Western United States, growers there were unaware that a niche market existed for a Loganberry-derived drink to the east. According to local lore, the loganberry drink was developed by entrepreneurs in the late 1800s at Crystal Beach, a local summertime resort, and one time amusement park, in Southern Ontario. The drink continued to be served at the amusement park and is still produced there. The most popular commercial version is 'Aunt Rosie's', which is commonly enjoyed in Western New York. 'Aunt Rosie's' is distributed by the local Pepsi-Cola bottling operation out of Buffalo, and is found in local restaurants and establishments. It may also be purchased in its syrup form in local supermarkets for use at home."

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