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mary_md7September 7, 2005

In an effort to enliven this forum a bit, I invite wine geeks to report in, tell us about your favorite wines, and hey, let's take over the forum.

DH and I are amateur wine geeks, and spent our honeymoon in Napa and Sonoma. Our favorites are:

Chardonnay: J Lohr, Rodney Strong, Chateau Ste Michelle

Sauvignon Blanc: Chateau Ste Michelle

Reisling: I prefer a dry one. Somewhere at home I have a label from a dry one from Alsace.

Merlot: Chateau Ste Michelle (Do you detect a theme? No, I dont' work for them!); would appreciate other recommendations.

Pinot Grigio: Think Santa Margherita is over-rated and over priced; make do with Ecco Domani; and would welcome recommendations!

Champagne/Sparkling wines: Champagne--Moet et Chandon White Star. Sparking wine: Chandon and Mumm from California. Had a very nice Spanish cava at a party but didn't get the name.

Who's next?

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Well....not sure I qualify as a wine geek....but, like art, I know what I like!
And it seems lately I am stuck on the southeast Australian stuff! Kendall Jackson chardonnay is very nice for the gals that say..."Oh, I'll just have a little white wine if you have a bottle open"..An opened bottle of Chardonnay? Not likely unless I opened it to marinate the chicken!
There is a Jaques Blanc, St Emillion 2001 red Bordeaux waiting for the proper accompaniment, and several bottles of assorted southeaster Australian whites awaiting in the fridge.
Also not much for Santa Margherita....and like the Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio even less. I bought a very nice, very cheap Pino Grigio at Aldi's of all places....about $7 and really a lot better to my taste than Ecco Domani.
Champagne?...Tattingers....but who can afford it!
Also have had some very nice Chilean Merlots.
Very fond of York Creek Zin!!
But the best champagne is the kind with a cork that pops off and hides in your you know it was a good party.
Linda C

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Hey, Linda! Haven't been back for a month (!) -- that pesky day job....

Yes, the best champagne is the kind that leaves corks in the garden. Ah, memories.

Despite several people favoring a wine forum (on the suggestions page), I guess a regular wine thread under Beverages wasn't such a hot idea.

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Well....obviously, we are the only 2 semi geeks about.
Funny, I spent a wonderful week or more in Napa about 20 years ago.....and the only thing I really remember about Chateau St. Michelle is how beautiful the winery is...LOL!
After aksing at a wine shop....I have discovered that that quality I love about a big red wine is called "infused flavor"....
One more word to add to the "oaky, fruity, big mouth feel etc"
Linda C

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I'm fond of red wines, zin and pinot noir in particular, but also enjoy a good cabernet. Unfortunately, "good" has come to mean way more expensive than I can afford, but I get to indulge fairly often thanks to some generous friends.

As for vineyards, my mind is a sieve! There was a time when my friends and I kept a list of favorite bottles, but that became rather useless as the vintages cycled into oblivion. I do have fond memories of a 1999 Rodney Strong Russian River Valley pinot noir, but wish I could remember more...including the outstanding syrah I enjoyed just last week. :-)


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