Top Secret CC Burner Revealed...

jscoutJanuary 8, 2012

I remember a while back there was a post with a video of a CC burner where only the center holes were lit. I also remember that the video generated some controversy. It turns out I have one of those top secret burners. Not really. But I was able to recreate the same affect on one of my burners, so I can see how it could happen in that other marketing video. Here's the 10 second video I thought I'd share. I hope I don't get in trouble. BTW, this is not a loop.

Disclaimer: Don't try this at home.

Here is a link that might be useful: CC Burner Center Holes Only

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So I'm a gas burner idiot. No idea how they really work. I just cook on one. ;) HOW did you do that?

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very cool jscout.

Now who wants to supercharge a cc or bs burner to 30k? :)

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Heh, I didn't really do anything. I had done an air shutter and gas flow adjustment a while back. But all the recent burner talk about low simmer and poofing had me turning the burners on and off and playing with them. For this particular burner, I just turned the knob to the "Light" stop and only the center ring ignited and stayed that way. As soon as I lowered the flame, the outer rings lit. The outer rings also light if I put a pan on the grate. The burner didn't do this before. If it did, it was only briefly. But we've had a climate change and it's gotten colder out. So maybe these subtle changes in atmospheric pressure and/or air temperature might have an impact.

I just wanted to show that maybe that video was really no big deal after all. Maybe there never was a prototype burner or maybe I got one by accident. Now that I think about it, I should have resurrected that thread and posted there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous CC Center Burner Thread

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I think Capital should pick up on that idea, jscout.
Even thou Trevor has demonstated that the Capital can simmer as low or lower than the Blue Star, there are still those "Nay Sayers", sooooooo---ya design burner so you can use just that tiny flame---now what are they gonna say???


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If I owned Capital I would be all over this like a rash, If only to calm the "Nay Sayers" so to speak

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why can't I see the video? Why? It's to keep me safe, isn't it?

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Oh common dodge!!!

>>Even thou Trevor has demonstrated that the Capital can simmer as low or lower than the Blue Star, there are still those "Nay Sayers",

This is the kind of BS(and im not talking ranges here) that infuriates me. You are either lying to create friction or you are mis-informed. Never ever ever has Trevor demonstrated that a CC can simmer better than a Bluestar, in fact he never demonstrated it could simmer as well. He merely demonstrated that it simmers adequately for most people, using very thick bottomed pots, not tri ply that most people with these ranges use and trust me, I have both and it makes a *HUGE* difference in the simmering as the thick bottom is almost like a simmer plate. Even his OWN TESTS showed that the Bluestar simmered at a lower temperature. I would *LOVE* for you to tell me how that equates to as good *or better*, good grief!! Even Trevor himself said if he had his way he would build a simmer burner, to quote:

"If I had my way CC would have a dedicated smaller burner"

Oh wait....I prodded Trevor on the issue before lets see what he says, and I quote:

"Do I think the BS has a better simmer capability than the CC YES."

There are enough posts on this forum where people have had less than stellar simmer capabilities but I can not recall a single post regarding BS simmer capabilities. Don't be ridiculous Doge, there are no "nay sayers".

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bkw, I couldn't see the video on a Mac but I could on a PC.

My Culinarian doesn't simmer well at all but I haven't tried the adjustment yet. I started to adjust them last night but my smallest screwdrivers weren't small and long enough. I just bought a new screwdriver today.

I had a big pot of grillades simmering in a large thick cast-iron Dutch oven and it was boiling too much at the lowest setting - with two simmer plates underneath. But let me make the adjustment before I pass judgment. Otherwise I love the high heat capability!


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Funny time to see this thread, I was just complaining that my simmer was way too hot this weekend and wondering if there was a way to only ignite the center holes lol!

After reading several threads on here I think I will be buying a simmer plate/diffuser in the near future. Luckily there are ways to reduce the amount of heat your pan is getting because you cant ADD additional heat later. Still love my CC :)

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I just tried to adjust mine lower and they were already adjusted as low as they will go. They are WAY too hot for a simmer.

We use simmer plates. This weekend I used two simmer plates stacked and the heat was still too high for a simmer, and this was with a cast iron pot holding a couple of gallons of stuff.

What kind of simmer plates are people using?

I'm in favor of Capital shipping some simmer burners that I could swap out when needed.


Here is a link that might be useful: Simmer Plates I Use

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Maybe the simple solution is for Capital to include a simmer plate with every range as standard equipment. One that's adjustable depending on how you rotate it on the burner. Nothing like any competitor out there. Nope, never been done. ;) Maybe one of those Capital Precision sealed burner caps. With a simmer plate, you can can essentially go from warming to wokking right out of the box. Again, nothing any competitor can do. :) You only need the wok grate if you have a round bottom wok. Although for what we pay it should be standard too. Ok, fine, leave the wok grate an option. What do you say, Mr. Kalsi?

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You are "close" jscout.

What Capital could to is have redesign the burner sligtly so when it is turned, say 90 degrees only the holes to that small center ring are fed, and the burner looks & works as pictured in the video.

With such a setup, you could have any number of simmer burners that you wanted.

Thanks for your help , on this one tvguy, you definitely
"Brought out, & showed the need for such a design"---Just don't have a stroke in the process,--OK???

Problem is , if Capital does that, You may have a hard time finding something else to yell at me about, Ya Thinks???

Cheers and Peace to both the Capitalist and The Blue Stars!!


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One problem you will run into with a reconfigurable burner is that the burner orifice remains large, even when the number of gas ports in the burner is reduced by "turning it 90-degrees" or otherwise making a temporary modification in the burner head. You still have an orifice designed to supply 75 gas ports through a full range of flame heights, but now it is only supplying 20 ports. So if you turn the knob all the way up you are going to get "jetting" and mixture issues on that small inner circle. Yes, you can use the valve to cut the gas supply down low enough to get a good flame pattern, but it won't work like a normal gas burner knob with a full range of useful gas "bandwidth."

So while you are engineering the burner, also figure out how to switch the orifice and the mixture shutters at the same time. I don't see how Surjit could resist a challenge like that!

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You could have a double valve and a knob within a knob with the inner one being the simmer adjustment. Just have a separate line that feeds just the inside but both fed by the outer adjustment and valve. It looked like a nice blue flame in the video so the mixture was not off that far, alto due to Govvyment regulations, too many lawyers looking for work, etc etc all things with such a design would have to be checked and double checked, Ya thinks?


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Let me first start by saving overall I am EXTREMELY pleased with my CC (30" LP, manual clean)...
I have to agree with others about my dissapointment about the simmer temperature of the CC. It is definitely much hotter than I had expected. I also think that "simmer temperatuer" metric, while probably acurate, can be mis-leading. I believe in an earlier post that Trevor said the simmer temperature metric was (please forgive me if I am wrong an please correct me)to bring a gallon of water to a boil, turn the burner down to simmer and measure the temperatue after one hour. My perspective is that for the people who really want the ultra low simmer it is mainly for sauces, and who really makes a GALLON of sauce. I did my own test at home and put 2 cups of water in a small saucepan and left it on simmer for about 45 minutes. The temperature leveled off at about 170 degrees. (I am working on LP gas) This is really too hot for keeping a sauce for extended periods, in my limited opinion.

Now I know Trevor has stated that he has had customers keep a beurre blanc for over an hour without breaking, but is that really possible at 170 dgrees? Has Trevor's in house range been fine tuned beyond what I have been able to acomplish? Is it a fact that I am on LP vs Natural Gas? I have adjsuted my burners down as low as I can without having continual ignition click and have used earlier suggestion about drilling out the holes right next to the spark module. This did help me lower the simmer some, but still resulted in the 170 degree temp hold.

BTW, my only other gripe about the CC is the oven racks (manual clean range). As others have stated the top rack postion is basically unusable for anything other than a cookie sheet. I have the latest rack version (I belive) that has the 5th rack postion at the bottom that is basically a half step below the previous lowest position. My suggestion is to put this half step down between the top and second to top rack (and why not between them all, no reason not to have "micro" adjsutments). This half step down from the top postion will allow me to take a pan directly off the stove top to under the broiler for browning/finishing. The current second rack down is really too far from the broiler to get a good quick browning. I have made this suggestion directly to Capial customer service, which they said they were putting in an email to Surjit, so we will see what happens.

My current plan is to remove the oven rack system and take it to a local metal shop and have them weld in a simple roundbar to the rack to create this 1.5 rack postion for me. It really looks quite simple, is is only a round bar with a 90 degree bend at the front with only two weld points (one in front, one in back).

Here is a picture of my final install with the Eurstoves hood. This was a replacement of a electric range with a OTR microwave. Unfortunately my bakcplsah had been discontinued so I had to put a SS backsplash right below the hood. I was able to get the tile sample boards from a few local tile storres to be able to run the tile to the bottom of the upper cabinets.

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Another interesting thread with complaints about the CC simmer. Shall we collect these all together?

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I do not own a CC range, but have been following these discussions for a few weeks. A retrofit burner option at the customers expense seems to be the logical solution to end these simmering issues. I am not suggesting the owner change the burner rather a service person so the warranty would not be in question. I have converted a high end BBQ grill from LP to NG and it was not a big deal. Changing the burner and orfice is really quite simple with a few tools. In the CC range a burner with less holes and a smaller orfice with the air shutter being readjusted would not take a qualified technician very long to do. If at a later date you wanted the 23,000 burner back you reverse the process. If consumer wants it make them available as an accessory and they will pay for it or make available as a factory option. From my lurking through the post it appears that way too much time is being spent on simmer plates and dbl stacking grates to please some of the owners. Once again I am not a CC owner, but have been considering it as an upgrade in the near future. It seems that quirky issues show up in all brands.

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I have been researching ranges for a new home. Simmering is important. This range is intriguing but the inability to Do something as simple as simmer a big pot of soup rules this one out for me.

If I were you guys I would be po'd for lack of a better word.

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