best face tanner?

hamsterMay 3, 2007

I have been wanting to do this for a long time but am afraid to try any of the products. I am afraid they will be off will grab the color unevenly.. wear off unevenly. What is everyone using? Many to choose from...sigh...Is more expensive better?

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I tend to not self tan my face because I fear break outs caused by ingredients in the self tanners.I'll just switch to a slightly darker foundation and that bronzing powder to swoop over my cheeks and nose.
I have used all different kinds of self tanners.It is my honest opinion that exspensive does not mean better.They all contain the same ingredient that tans which is called DIHYDROXYACETONE. Look for yourself,nearly all contain that as an active ingredient.
I guess what it comes down to is,do you like a lotion? A lotion with a little color in it,like a bronzer? A fast acting tanner? A foam that dries quickly? Or a spray that's hands free.
Best thing to do to avoid streaks is exfoliate good before using it. On body use a scrub or loofah. On face maybe a wash cloth in a circular motion. Dont apply too much,and make sure to pick one that matches your skin tone.

I have learned that If I go for a deep dark tan I look silly and fake since I'm naturally very pale.So I always use a light/medium colored one that is just enough to make me look a little peachy and not dead,LOL.

Labmomma had some suggestions of self tanners I'd never heard of in another thread,that she said didnt look as orangey as other brands.

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thanks cool...I have been using just makeup also...but I thought if I could just use a moisturizer that gradually added some color that maybe I could eliminate the makeup. It kinda sweats off. I see Aveeno and many others are advertizing such but I won't do it if it ends up looking fakey and then wearing off unevenly.

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I think the moisturizers that contain color tend to look less fake than the actual sunless tanners. However,they dont add much color at all,mainly a little bit of a glow.

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Hello, I'm a newbie on here and finally decided to join up and join in! I agree with coolmama that the tinted moisturizers only add a glow but it is a nice start that bronzer can be added to. I use the Jergens for faces. I'm 45 and my face still tends to be a little oily and can breakout with heavy moisturizers but this works for me. I can't get out in the sun anymore (skin cancer) so I use the regular Jergens on the rest of my body and it gives a little color without it looking like I have a fake tan.

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welcome texaswoman!!: I bought the jergens and haven't started using it yet, I'll give it a try.

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Don't use face tanner. I don't like the feeling of clogging my pores. I usually just use a darker makeup (bronzer) during the months I use self-tanner.

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I have very fair skin and find that most self tanners look fake, but I found something that works real well - it's Smashbox's Face Primer with Bronzer. It gives my face a nice tanned glow. I buy it from

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Since I quit tanning I have tried ALOT of products.
L'Oreal has tanning towelettes and they are nothing short of amazing. They are easy, dry instantly and the color is beautiful. Since your application is a one-shot deal, don't miss any spots. Last year I used them on my face and body all summer. This year they have come out with facial towelettes. Not sure what the difference is except the color is lighter.

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luvvt18 - excellent idea to use Smashbox's Face Primer with Bronzer! That wouldn't have occurred to me, but I think I'll give it a try. I have used their primer that does not have any color to it, and really like how smoothly it goes on, and how it feels weightless. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hey girls, this is a great forum! Auntjen, what do you mean by "weightless"? Is that for dry skin or oily? I'm so far behind I don't know what a primer is unless I'm painting furn. So glad I found you guys!

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coolmama and mitchdesj, how did the jergens for faces work out for you? I've been thinking about getting it because I really like the one for the body. Thanks!

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I like fake bake but still wondering if Loreal may be better? Where do you get them?

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I have to 2nd the L'Oreal Tanning Towelettes. They are fantastic! I am a fair skinned and blue eyed. Never really tanned just burned. I try not to be in the sun. (Sit under and umbrella at the beach, wear a ball cap outside,etc.)
You get 6 towelettes. I think I paid $9.99 for them, I can't remember. One towelette does your whole body. It works with the first application. You can see the difference in skin color. No orangey color...real brown/bronze color. I don't like to go too dark so I purchased the medium color. They come in different degrees of color. The L'Oreal tan has worked very well for me. I'm sticking with it this summer. Oh, I also forgot to say...while it does have vitamin E it does not have any sunscreen in it if that makes a difference to you. NancyLouise

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Hi, for those of you who've used the L'Oreal tanning towelettes, do they work well in a humid climate? I was thinking of using them on an upcoming trip to Kauai - don't want to wear foundation in the day - but didn't know if the product would end up sticky or blotchy on my face. That's the area I'm most concerned with. I'm in So.Ca. and have a light tan all year round so I'm not worried about color anywhere else. Also, how does a sunscreen work with this product? Do you apply it first or last? Can you tell I'm new to this self-tanning stuff? : ) Thank for any help!

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I use the Jergen's both the Face and the Body.. no complaints and only gives a light tint.

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As far as working in a humid climate, can't help you there. I live in Maine for the most part we don't have a lot of humidity here. The times in July and August when it hits 90+ I mostly stay inside with the AC on. I use the towelettes on my face and don't have a problem with blotchiness. Just move your hand in a circular motion over your face and neck. Don't forget to do your ears too! Apply the towelettes first, let it dry then apply the sunscreen. NancyLouise

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The color does rub off on my gym socks when I work out-although all the self tanners do.
Last summer after swimming, I rubbed qutie a bit off my legs when I toweled off. Now I try to be careful and blot dry-same with my face.

I use the towelettes as my "base tan" and supplement with Jergens.

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