What are my options with clock repair man?

javaandjazzJuly 9, 2012

I dropped off an old clock back in mid March to get it going. I paid about $60 for the clock in non-working condition. I brought it to a local clock repair shop and gave a $230 deposit(that what he charges). I was told 3-4 weeks. Called about 1 1/2 months ago and he said it was on the bench and he was working on it and he asked for a few more weeks(ya right), called a week ago and asked for a courtesy called back and no call, called again today and I left a nasty voice mail saying he doesn't know hot to run a business and I would like clock back with a full refund. My next option is to go to the shop.I even called the bank asking if I could dispute the VISA charge but it's past 60 days on that. Any thoughts from you guys?

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I never rush my clock guy, and I do everything in person if I can. I make no unnecessary phone calls.

On the other hand, he doesn't charge a deposit either. That's a bit odd about your situation, but I guess he has been left with more than one worthless old box after he's put countless hours into it. Not that yours is that, but he's probably been burned.

Lighting, upholsstery, clocks... I treat them all like artisans and I don't rush it. Artists aren't all gifted communicators, but you don't want communication anyway, you want the art. The more phone calls they have to make, the less time they have to work on your piece, and the more they have to charge you (and everyone else) in the end.

If you drop by in person just to see how it's going, "in case he lost your phone number," "I was in the area and thought I would check if it was ready/how it is going," you can actually reassure yourself that your clock is still there, that he knows which one is yours, and that he is actually working on something (even if not on yours) and has not gone to Hawaii on the strength of your deposit. Usually they are happy to see me and happy to discuss the project or be reminded of it if necessary - plus I get so see some other things they are working on and I learn a bit.

If I'm in a rush (perhaps you are?) I would politely ask when it might be done because I need it for such-and-such a date, and could he do that or would it be better for him if I took it to another shop instead?

I want to leave them feeling good about having me as a customer, partly because I believe that will be reflected in the work they do on my piece, but also, because I might have another piece to repair in the future and I don't see any benefit in leaving scorched relationships behind. Why should I reduce my service options?

I'm actually not that easy to get along with and I mostly don't care if people like me (I yelled at a guy for spitting in Home Depot the other day), but when I'm a customer, I prefer to go the extra mile, because I have the choice to go elsewhere; the shopkeeper/clerk does not.

Karin L

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Karin is nicer than I would be......I would bet dollars to doughnuts he either hasn't started on your clock or has lost it in his shop.
I had an antiques wood repair guy repair a leg on a table....it wasn't done in 6 months....calling....next week....etc etc. finally I went to his shop....and asked....he said he was working on it ( it was a 30 minute job to glue the leg!)....and I found my table stacked with a bunch of other things....
The next week it was ready....the top had a huge dig in it....he told me what he would charge to refinish and fill it....
Anyhow I had a lovely tilt top cherry tea table pretty well ruined.
Go to the shop....ask to see your clock....if you must make up a story of why you want to see it....to check if your aunt's initials are scratched in the back of something....
BUT see the clock.
Linda C

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Update! I got a call finally today! Amazing what a little temper put into a voice mail will do. Says he has been having trouble with the main spring and doesn't have any that fit and had to order one and he was away last week, that's why I never got a call back. So, he shut me up for awhile. I know these things take time but an update now and then woluld have been nice.

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