Anyone have a Gevalia Coffeemaker?

sandyinvaSeptember 10, 2006

My husband again has placed the Gevalia offer of 12 cup coffeemaker, thermal carafe and two travel mugs in front of me. We've had a Krups coffee maker the last 6 years, and have been pleased.

How does the Gevalia coffeemaker stand up against others on the market? How does it compare to other coffeemakers when brewing regular standard fare coffee?

I have heard that their coffee is good, but expensive. Which Gevalia coffees have you liked?

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A few years ago, my sister gave me the Gevalia thermal carafe along with some of their coffee. I didn't continue with the monthly purchase of their coffee, it's good - a little strong, but just too expensive for my simple taste. The thermal carafe continues to work just great. I'm very happy with it.

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I have owned the Gevalia coffee maker for several years. I love the thermal carafe - can make a pot and take it with me on trips, fishing, etc. The coffee maker itself operates just like any other coffee maker, except that the heating element cuts off automatically once the coffee has made. The carafe keeps the coffee hot for several hours and it doesn't get that "day old" taste that coffee will have after it sits on a hot element for any length of time. No, I do not use their coffee - did for awhile, but too expensive for regular use. My problem was not with the coffee maker but rather with the company. They would make unauthorized shipments at Christmas time, etc. And when I asked for coffee shipments to be cancelled, I would keep getting shipments. When I returned the shipments they would not give me credit. Finally I just kept refusing the shipments by writing 'REFUSED' across the shipping box. Still got billed for those shipments. Finally sent letter via registered mail, return receipt requested. I should have known...When I first ordered the coffee maker I waited for it to come for almost 2 months, then had to call and ask about it. My check had cleared ($12.00 I think it was on their special offer) They assured me it would be sent right away, which it was. Then a couple of months later, I got a second coffee maker. I called them and asked where to return it since I had a duplicate shipment. They said they had no record of it - and I kept telling the girl I didn't need a 2nd one, didn't want it. She told me if I shipped it back it would mess up their inventory. I never got billed for it, so after about a year I just gave it away. Don't know how they are now, but they were not very good at record keeping a few years ago.

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I have one of the coffe makers with the glass pot (nont thermal pot)... I've had it for probably about 3 to 4 years now. It works like any other drip coffee maker... I cancelled the shipments of coffee right after receiving the original shipment.... prices were high for the coffee... plus to be perfectly honest, I had expected I would cancel... I had been told by many friends they had done this as a way to get a "free" coffee maker.... when mine died... I did the order and then canceled...

My mother has done this twice now (talk about pushing our luck)... she has one with the thermal pot and one with a glass pot... explain to me why a single 70 year old woman needs 2 full sized coffee makers... plus a 4 cup Mr Coffee, and a separate travel mug coffee maker... ... I digress...

Order the maker and pick two coffees that sound interesting to you both... then cancel...

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I got a couple of these and canceled also. I gave my daughter one, and I use the other in our guest bedroom... well, it's in there, and one guest used it once. LOL!

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