Nutragena hand cream

libbylouMay 31, 2006

I'm new to the internet and began reading this forum and love it so I thought I would share my latest beauty discovery with all of you. I have always had extreamly dry skin on my body untill recently when I began putting Nutragena hand cream on my whole body at first I used it twice a day untill my dry skin was healed, then every night before bed, now I use it every other night before bed I do this because it can feel sticky but it really works. I don't use it on my face because I have oily & acne prone skin there, but my sis who has dry skin on her face uses the hand cream 1-3 times per week on her face she puts it on for about an hour then washes her face she also puts it around her eyes every night. Two more ways I like to use it, I put it on my hands then put latex free gloves before I wash dishes I think the heat from the water helps. I also put it on my feet then wrap them in plastic wrap and put on a pair of thick socks 1-3 times per week before for a couple of hours, usually before cleaning house. I have only used the unscented hand cream. I hope you find this helpfull.

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Thanks, Libbylou, I also use Neutrogena hand cream on other places than just my hands. We love it and keep 3 tubes around the house in different places, one in our cottage, one in my traveling toilet kit. I don't ever want to be without it!

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I like most of Neutrogena's products. I don't think I'd use the hand creme on my face, but if it works for your sis, good for her!

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