Hair Salon Color Quality

cbarkstonMay 14, 2006

I had my hair highlighted for the first time about a year ago at one of those chain salons. I had a coupon and so paid only $25. It was great and I loved it---I went back a couple of times. A couple of weeks ago though I got a $65 highlight done at a more upscale salon in the "tony" part of town. It looked beautiful at first---but I can't believe how fast the highlights have faded and gotten brassier! She did use a toner and I have been using both a shampoo and a conditioner formulated for colored hair. Is there a big difference in the quality of hair color that salons use? I think I'll be going back to MasterCuts...

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I think that like a lot of things, certain products work better for certain people and don't work well for others. Just one of those things. OTOH, I've noticed that since summer, and I've been spending a lot of time outside, my color has been fading quickly as well. I dye and highlight my own hair, and haven't switched products. It's just the sun for me.

But if you're happier with the cheaper highlights, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. That's why I dye my own hair- the OTC stuff lasts longer than the salon color for me. There's no need to spend extra money for a less-than-satisfying product.

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I dye my own, too, although I use professional products from the beauty supply to do mine (they are the only ones that will cover my gray).

It could be that your MasterCuts person was just a more skilled colorist. At my salon, the person who cuts my hair gives a great cut, but another woman is a better colorist. In lightening hair that tends to turn brassy, a lot of the skill seems to come in knowing which product to use with which, and also timing the lightening process.

You might try an additive (a "drabber") in your shampoo and conditioner...they also sell those at the beauty supply and can tell you how to use that product.

Good luck~

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Southernheart, I do believe the MasterCuts person (shop manager) was the more experienced colorist and the person at the upscale salon was a relatively new person. I'll look into getting a "drabber"---that's an entirely new product to me so thanks for mentioning it (I'm fairly new to the world of hair color) Thanks!

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