Permanent Makeup

sudiepavMay 24, 2007

I had permanent lipstick applied last year and I love it! It's tattooing for the uninformed, but it really works for me. At first, all I could see in the mirror when I looked w/o eyemakeup was MOUTH, but now I'm used to it. The technician copied my favorite Estee Lauder shade, and I've used nothing but lipgloss since. You can change the color with any other lipstick if you want, of course. I started considering it a couple years ago when I realized that when my lipstick wore off, I was looking like I was ill. I didn't tell my husband ( he notices nothing), and only my three year old granddaughter said "You look like a princess!" Think Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty beestung lips. The swelling went down after a couple days, and my mouth got really dry, and I had to slather it with lip balm. I had 2 friends who had the procedure first, so I could check out the work. I called a cheaper place, but they did not do the dental block; you had to go to a dentist and pay $25 extra. Also, they required that I draw in the lipline myself. I thought that if I were that good at drawing on lipstick, I wouldn't need that procedure. Also, touchups were a big extra charge. I needed a touchup and so did both my friends. The place I chose included all of this for $600. I'm going to have eyeliner done next month, only the top lid. I wear both top and lower eyeliner, but I thought it would look better if I drew on bottom eyeliner when I needed it. Anybody else have an experience with these procedures?

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So nice of you to let us know the ins & outs of perm makeup. I'm not that brave but I'll bet it would save alot of time each morn. Thanks for posting.

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wow this sounds so encouraging...i have very dark lips .and i think this cud solve the problem i will read more abt it. thanks

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My friend at work had her eyeliner done, it looks really good. Do they put you out to get this type of thing done?

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No, when I had the lipstick done, they gave me a "dental block" which is novocaine for the whole mouth. I felt nothing, except sore afterwards. Iunderstand the novocaine for the eyeliner is much less intense...let you know, I'm having this done on the 12th.

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MIL had lips done. It looked like a child took a red crayon and didn't color in the lines:)). She has spent two years now trying to get it fixed. It's a great idea, but I don't have the stomach for it.

I also met a girl who had the permanent eyeliner done. She worked at Canyon Ranch in Arizona as a guest greeter, she had permanent eyeliner (brown) top only. It looked great.

I would love to have permanent mascara. Other MIL has eyelashes dyed, but I don't think it really does anything at all. Her anesthesian (sp)uses a vegetable dye. It doesn't look any different. She's just addicted to going to have it done. (They do it once a month I think) She really needs mascara still, but just doesn't wear it:))).

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