Liquid shower soap... versus

LibbyLizMay 21, 2007

Isn't a shower puff or wash cloth with liquid shower soap/gel/cream good enough for exfoliating the body & face? I think they seem to do the same job & that scrubs aren't necessary.

What about shaving creams, lotions or gels? I also think liquid shower soap... seems to do the same job.

I just hate the thought of junking up the shower organizer with things that might not be necessary.

I've been trying to downsize possessions lately, not the reverse. LOL

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Just my opinion, I think the net shower puffs are a little too rough for the face but fine for the body. Also, you should use a very gentle soap for cleaning the face, like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I know what you mean about minimizing though. I just get tired of so many bottles of potions and lotions!

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My thoughts also. And cetaphil is a staple in my home since Dr. recommended it for healing skin cancer removals when I had my Mom with us. We both have dry skin.

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But other than a puff being too rough for the face, a puff & shower wash is all that's really needed for the body, not any of those scrubs. Correct?

What about those micro beads & gentle scrubs for the face? I heard they're also too rough.

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Depends on oily or dry. Oily needs a facial cleanser to clean the pores, how often, I don"t know. My skin is dry so I use a very mild cleanser 1xweekly. Otherwise, just water to remove makeup at nite and water w soft cloth in morning.

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My body ranges from dry to normal in areas - shins & feet dry (though the feet can sweat like nobody's business), calves & thighs normal, hands dry to normal (see "feet") & the rest normal. The sugar scrubs I've rarely used & want to get rid of because I don't like the scents any longer, & hope to not have to buy any more, seemed to leave an oily residue behind, which I dislike.

My face ranges from normal on the cheeks, above the lip & on the chin to oily on the forehead & nose with monthly breakouts. I use my son's oily/combo (or acne?) cleanser with salicylic acid.

I have a bottle of St Ives gentle exfoliating something or other that I try to use daily to once weekly due to excema-like patches around my eyebrows, beside my nostrils, & inside & behind my ears.

I was hoping I could get away with just using a regular cleanser & a washcloth to exfoliate instead of continuing to buy an extra product.

I feel I'm a little behind on the spring cleaning, but I've been clearing out the unused/underused hair, face & body product stockpiles, & going through the medicine chests. LOL

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I'm a clutterbug so if it's not rancid, I keep until it's used up. Loofa or net scrubber for body but neither for the face. I use tree tea shower cleanser for body which is for problem skin but I like it for the calming scent. It just makes me feel content and nurtured. Everyone different I guess. Hey, maybe that would help the excema.

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I had a tea tree cleanser by St Ives, but I think they've discontinued it & I loved the stuff!

And I bought tea tree something from The Body Shop, but it went rancid in a few short months. So I guess I've been scared of trying any other tea tree facial cleanser since then.

What's the brand you use?

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I ordered mine on ebay last yr and Im running low so I ckd the bottle and in fine print at bottom - it's AVON. 7 oz. for around 6.00 Nice price. No rancidity yet. But remember it's not for the face. It might work but I never use it on my face. Anyway, SELF Sanctuary -MARK - White tea, Vanilla shower wash. Maybe they have eqivelent for face. Good Luck

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I don't know if a scrub is necessary but I sure like the way it feels on elbows, knees and legs. For me a body scrub is more a luxe item than a necessity. I do fine with soap on a clean washcloth day to day.

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Welcome Tracie, your right about a body scrub being a lux item. But at 64, dry skin, it makes my skin feel hydrated and I enjoy the aroma as long as it doesn't cost too much.
Where in Oregon? We've been looking at Gold Beach & Brookings but the market has jumped so much I'm afraid we waited too long.

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Oh, it's not for the face! hmmm I think I need to look around at the Big Lots near me to see if they have any of the St Ives facial cleanser I (& my son) liked so much.

Thanks for all the replies!

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I found that Wal-Mart still has the St Ives tea tree oil facial cleanser, so it has not been discontinued! WOOP! =)

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The best way to exfoliate is to bet those exfoliating gloves. Squirt some soap or rub a bar of your fav soap into them, and go over the areas that need exfolating. The gloves offer dextarity and you don't waste so much soap.

The glove are cheap and even cheaper when you can find them at the dollar stores.

BTW libbyliz, the product may not have "gone rancid" after a few months. A lot of beauty products have a perfume added to cover the awful smell of some of the ingredients used. The perfume can evaporate before the products is used up and the product no longer smells "nice" but is still OK to use.

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The gal at The Body Shop refunded my money anyhow because she said it shouldn't have smelled moldy & that they've never had anyone else complain, so maybe I got a bad tube to begin with.

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I get those shower gloves at the drugstore and use them to exfoliate my skin. They're made of nylon or something, and you just put them on, lather up and scrub away. Also, I have a long-handled natural bristle brush for my back. I like old fashioned lye soap - very gentle. But my favorite is a brand I discovered on a trip to Germany a few years ago - Kappus. It's mild, long-lasting and I can even use it on my face in a pinch. You can get in in this country through various importers. The liquid stuff always seems gunky and leaves a film. Also, I replaced my shower head with a filter that takes out chlorine, arsenic and other gunk from our really awful water. (you can't drink the stuff) Otherwise, it would be like showering in pool water.

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