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joe_mnMay 11, 2011

wife is 5'-2". size 2. was about size 8-10 1 year ago. is really working out alot. so she is pretty trim now. used to wear 36C mostly, sometimes 38C. bought a lot of new clothes and now has quite a few bra's that are 34B. all are same style. mostly padded, formed bra's. she also got a new 38B. i asked her why the big difference in size. 34 to 38 seems like a lot. she says it is none of my business. is it a comfort thing? seems to me a 4" larger size would be loose? like baggy pants? well i am a guy. maybe i just don't get it.

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"she says it is none of my business"

A good therapist might help the underlying problems, but to answer your question, the difference between 34-38 is the inches around her ribcage, and that can change week to week. I am a 36-40 DD depending on the week and weight I've lost or put on.

Hope this helps!

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are you a size 2? i could see a size 14 person perhaps wearing different size clothes depending on factors. i am a big guy but i don't wear a size 36 pants on monday and a size 40 pants on friday for comfort reasons?

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makes no sense to me(my size doesn't vary...and if i wanted my bra a little looser or tighter, there are usually different hook sizes on the backs of back hooking bras)... maybe she bought it by mistake (thinking she was buying a 34) but didn't want you asking about her purchases...

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she is wearing both bras. so she must like how they fit. both are same brand, style. both are padded as well. when she was heavier, she never wore padded bras. saw a movie from the 50's. set in hollywood movie scene. a wardrobe lady said you would be surprised how many guys propose to a padded bra. inside joke i guess.

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