overgrown cuticles

ramriceMay 5, 2008

Help! My cuticles are out of control. I even had a manicure 2 weeks apart and the nail tech said that I had almost a double layer of cuticle. I try to do it myself at home between manicures because I don't want to shell out the bucks.

Does anyone have any tips?

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Buy a cuticle pusher and use it. After your shower or bath is the best time. Don't cut them at home, you can get an infection. And when you do the pushing, apply some oil. Sally Hansen makes cuticle oil. heck your local pharmacy.

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Many years ago I was given a cuticle pusher that looked like a pringle potato chip. It was bark from a tree in Hawaii or something like that, purchased cheaply at a gift shop.

It was the most comfortable cuticle pusher I have ever used, and I would LOVE to find another. Anyone know what it is?
my email is darien@thaweb.com. I've tried every google search I can think of . . .

To describe again, it was off white, egg-shell to manila in color, with a triangular area on one side of brown (where the plant attached?) Smaller than a chip and just the perfect size for pushing cuticles as a whole, rather than piece by piece.

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Use a manicure stone to push back cuticles. It works better than a plain plastic pusher and of course, after bath or shower is the best time to do cuticles. They can be found made by many different companies. Link below is just a photo example. I have no connection to company.

Here is a link that might be useful: Manicure Stone

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Get some Blue Cross Cuticle Remover. Sally's carries it. You get a 16oz bottle for under $5.

This is what I use exclusively on all my client's manicures and pedicures.

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