help please

kathi_mdgdJuly 29, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Havn't been over here for awhile,life kinda got in the way,but i'm back now and could use some help.

Can anyone tell me about this table,like how old,is it antique as i was told and what is it worth.TIA.



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It's a walnut or possibly cherry Eastlake style parlor table dating from about 1875 give or take 15 years..
It appears to have been beautifully refinished.
What's it "worth"...Like how much should you pay or sell it for....that depends on where you are and how badly you want to sell or how badly the seller wants you to buy it.
$200 would be a good buy either way.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda,I'm going to try to sell it.
I've been out of commission the last 2 years,had a total knee replacement,then within 3 mos of that i was diagnosed with breast cancer,so had to go thru a bilateral mastectomy,chemo and all that that entails.

So now that i'm back on my feet,i decided i was going to start getting rid of all my antiques and stuff i hardly use,as i know if something should happen to me,dh and the kids would probably chuck it all or send it to the goodwill,so i may as well try to get rid of it myself.

Hopefully nothing more will happen to me,and that's what i am believing.

I have tons of sewing,quilting and craft suplies i'm going to put on Craigs list,i've already done some and had good results.

Thanks for your help,that gives me a starting point,and i appreciate that very much.

PS,i'm in S.Calif

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I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor I'm not getting rid of my antiques...yet!

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But how old are you,i'm almost 73!!

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I will be 74 next week!

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I didn't mean to hit the submit button on that last post so soon,but GD came in and was talking to me and i hit it without even thinking.

Anyway i meant to say congratulations on beating "the beast".I have 2 sisters that are survivors as well,one for 12 years and one for 13.One had just one breast removed,and they started her on tomoxafin,but it didn't agree with her as she is also epileptic.So she really took nothing else to help her through.Sometimes make me wonder if i should do the same.
The other sister just had radiation,and took the tomox for 5 years.BC runs in my family especially on my dads side.

How are you doing now?? Very well i hope.

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I'm fine! thank for asking1

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Kathi, I'm a decade or so younger than you but I'm a BC survivor by 12 years on one side & 4 years on the other and I'm still refusing to get rid of my antiques. Relatives can pry them out of my cold, dead hands & do their own liquidation! Besides, this is a bad market & I've no interest in giving them away.

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I use my antiques and enjoy them tremendously. I don't intend on parting with them, and I feel about the same as antiquesilver. If you are concerned about what it to become of some of your pieces, why don't you start asking your children, grandchildren or relatives if there are any pieces they'd be particularly interested in. You might be surprised. I am still placing some of my mother's much-loved objects and not a one of them has been sold yet. She had a list of recipients she knew wanted certain pieces, and I've placed quite a bit more of the others by asking the same questions. You never know what special memories they may hold for family.

I cringed when I saw that Eastlake table, because I had picked up a chair at an old farm auction with a very similar design I was going to refinish and needlepoint a new chair pad for. My dh insisted it would be better disassembled to refinish and put back together. He stowed in his woodshed and then pitched it several years later against my wishes. I am still mad. LOL.

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That is a well made table with nice decorative details. If it has been refinished, it may have been worth more with the original finish.

Can you find any merkings on the underside of the table top? Also, look on the inside face of the pieces running along the bottom of the table top. Hopefully, this is the original top, not a repalcement.

The wood appears to be walnut or cherry.

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Get out Linda C., you are almost 74? I would never would of guessed it.


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Me either Linda, and congratulations to ALL of you survivors!!!! I am thankful to be part of such a feisty group :^)
Kathi, your table is beautiful and I hope that you get what you want out of it! I'm pulling for you to be a 20 year survivor too!!
Calliope, I think that qualifies for a "WHAT was He thinking?????" :^)

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Thanks everyone.I ask my kids and grands all the time to put their name on things they want when i leave this earth,so there won't be any squabbling later on,no one has done it so far.They don't want to think of me leaving this earth,but i told them we all gotta go sometime.

I only have 1 DD and all she wants is the indian stuff,and none of that is very old,either things i've painted or stitched myself with a few knick knack type things thrown in.

Even if i don't sell anything,i think it's interesting to have an idea what something is worth.

Havn't had a chance to look for markings yet,have been sewing clothes for the GGK'S for school.
Thanks again for the advice and comments.

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