Is there such a thing as good tasting decaf?

agapegirlJuly 21, 2002

I am having to give up regular coffee and so far I haven't found a good decaf subsitute. Any suggestions from you decaf drinkers? Thanks!

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Try Gevelia. Pricey, but I can't tell if I'm drinking decaf or "leaded".
Linda C

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Yes, there are some excellent decaf coffees. But you do get what you pay for. My husband has to drink decaf and that means that I do too because I don't want to make two pots. When I lived in the US I use to order my decaf coffee from: As you can see from their website, that they list the day that they are roasting and i would get them to send me the coffee immediately after it was roasted. If I order it Sunday it would arrive on Wednesday. Now that i am in Canada I drink one from a roasting Company called Kicking Horse out of Alberta, which is also very good.

I have also bought some of Starbucks dark roasted decaf and some from Second cup that are also really good. Find a Coffee shop in your local area that also roasts their own beans and you should be able to find a good decaf.


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Thank You!

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I only drink decaf and find that Starbucks has the most flavorful. Sometimes I grind the beans myself, and sometimes I buy it already ground. It is a very high quality decaf.


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ALSO the caff. free coke is awesome! I can't tell the difference at all!!!

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