Pair Point MFC Co.

yagoatJuly 30, 2011

Pair Point MFC Co.

Quadrpale Plate

New Bedford Mass.


I was handed this box down from my Grandfather.

The horns are missing from the stag's head.


1# Can the horns be fixed and if yes where and who can I contact.

#2) Approx. how much is it worth "as is".

Thanks for any help.


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Only you can see what you're looking at. Post a picture.

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2751 was a cigar box for 50 cigars. The rectangle box has top & bottom border of grapes & leaves. There are 3 medallion looking decorations spaced between the 2 borders. Same thing is on the ends. Top of box is plain except for the complete stag standing on it. The "horns" are quite long & without them worth greatly reduced. Price when new was $14. each made in 1890's. Value in 1997 for 1 in perfect condition was $300-$450. Don't know what value it would have after a repair & prices are very different than in 1997 with bad economy now. Hope this helps. Might find it on Internet. 1894 reprint of Pairpoint Co. Catalogue (their spelling) by New Bedford Whaling Museum

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