Smashbox makeup

stargazer_1118May 27, 2004

Is anyone a big fan like me of Smashbox's cream eyeliner? I love the way you don't have to tug on your eyelid to get a straight line and it stays on FOREVA (as we yanks say). What other Smashbox items have you tried?

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The only one I've tried is their cream eyeliner and I think it's the best. Why haven't other cosmetic companies followed and made that product,,every time I go to the department stores I check to see it anyone else like Lauder or Arden, MAC have it,,,not yet.

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i've never heard of this brand. Where is it available?

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Nordstrom store and I think Sephora as well as QVC believe it or not!(or the Home shopping network)

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I'll be on the lookout for this product next time I'm in the states; wide choice of colors also...

Here is a link that might be useful: cream eyeliner

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I recommend you buying the Smashbox brush to apply the cream eyeliner. It really is needed for it.

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