Flavia Fusion Drinks Station- Anyone try it?

yvette123July 18, 2006

Interested to know if anyone has used this. Do you like and recommend? Thanks

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Flavia coffee machines have recently been set up throughout our office building. I like the regular dark roast coffees, as they are stronger than the choices available from the 2 coffee systems that it replaced, and several dark roasts are available. The real teas are okay, if slightly tannic to my taste. The herbal teas are fine. The fake cappuccino-type concoctions are utterly vile - for these, two packets are used; one for the beverage, and one for the "foamy topping".
The "system" creates huge amounts of waste, as each beverage is contained in its own very complicated little plastic pouch. (The teas appear to be freeze-dried - as no steeping is required. I've been meaning to check if the coffee consists of actual grounds, or if it, too, is freeze-dried.)
The machines themselves are rather poorly designed - any very slightly-larger-than-usual coffee cup or one with a large handle will not fit under the dispenser unless the bottom support is taken out (and then cups still sit crookedly, due to the design of the dispenser area); only paper cups of a precise size work properly. An incorrect cup size causes the little door into which the beverage packet is placed to jam, causing a computer errror message to come up, which apparently has to be cleared by unplugging the machine. The bottom of the dispenser area is always full of coffee - not sure why (spilled from cups that sit crookedly?) but it suggests another aspect of poor design.
Personally, if better quality coffee had been provided in the previous coffee makers, I would have been totally happy with them (as would be registered by my bringing in less coffee from the few good local coffee shops!)
Anyway, it's all just personal opinion, but I hope it helps.

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