What to do about oily skin?

theodore_2007May 7, 2007

My skin gets really oily a lot. I've tried different cleansers, but all they do is make my face feel really dry and cause it to get oilier. Any tips?

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Yes! My face is also oily,so I know exactly where you're coming from.
First,only wash your face 1-2 times a day,3 at the most.

Get some of those oil absorbing sheets by Clean and Clear.These things are great,they sop up extra oil without washing your face or messing up make up. I use them all through out the day to control oil.

You may want to ask a dermatologist about accutane or topical retinoids.Both are a derivative of vitamin A that have been proven to lessen the amount of oil the skin produces.
Finally,the absolute ONLY face wash I have found that doesnt dry my face out and aggravate it was recommended by my dermatologist,but can be purchased on AMAZON.com. It is called NEOSTRATA facial cleanser. It is VERY gentle,fragrant-free,and contains 4% PHA. It is meant for people with oily to acne-prone skin.I've been using it for it over a year now and wouldnt dream of going back to anything else.

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Try using sulfur soap. I've always had oily skin and FINALLY found this inexpensive soap does wonders. I wash in the morning and night and my skin never looked better.

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I googled sulfur soap and came up with a lot of options. Honestly, I'd never heard of this. I have always had oily skin. Which one do you use and where do you find it? If I can buy it without ordering it I'd like that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sulfur soap.

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It seems like something readily available in drugstores, let us know if you find it.

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Be careful of Mary Kay. I tried it yrs ago and it burned my face so bad, I had a scabby face til it healed. Not for sensitive skin.

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You know what's funny - I've always had a combo/oily t-zone skin type and so I naturally chose oil free products or those made especially for oily skin. It just seemed to make the problem worse, stripping my skin so bad it went into super oil production mode to try and compensate.

I started using moisturizer WITH oil in it and I swear it really helped. It's almost like giving my skin a little oil helped it calm down and produce less.

I just use an Oil of Olay basic one in the white bottle, beauty fluid or something like that. Oh - and I gave up all the oily skin gel cleansers and started using Dove soap to wash. I think these two things really helped my skin a lot. In the hot Summer months, I do get oiler - it's just how it is. But in general I am less of an oil slick now than from just a year ago.

And one thing my mom told me - be sort of glad we don't have dry skin. All the females in my family have a combo skin type. And you know what else? - we hardly have wrinkles :) My mom who is 72 now swears it has helped that she had oilier skin when she was in her 30s and up instead of really dry skin.

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In contemplation....I think your Moms right.

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This is the one I ordered. No more greasy look!!!!

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Link didn't work .... here it is


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Great! Thanks!

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girls ........i have a really really oily skin,yes the basic t-zone......i have tried everything from home made cleansers to all the products available in the store(clean n clear,neutrogena,dove) but no results so far....i have been taking my weekly facials regularly it helps me for a day or two but not for good......my beautician suggested me mud mask n soap......ill be trying it soon but i need ur suggestions too.....

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I hate having an oily skin and shiny face. I always want to have a moisturize face but not that oily. I wash my face regularly and exfoliate it with an almond honey scrub once a week. I am also using Essenzza Japanese Facial Treatment mask every weekend to keep my skin healthier and glowing.

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