Weak nails - what can I do?

dawnaMay 9, 2007

Hi all. I am new to this particular forum. I have worn acrylic nails for about 10 years. Today they were beginning to lift so I took them off. When I did, I noticed that my real nails had grown to a nice (and even) length. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a file and a buffer as well as some nail hardening/protecting formula. I would like to try to just have my natural nails and never have to get acrylics again.

As background, I have never had really strong nails. They used to split a lot and they never looked good. That's why I started with acrylics. Sure would like to have nice natural nails. I don't like my nails long so they are at a nice short length.

Does anyone have any suggestions on making nails stronger? Either by application or by food/vitamins? I would love to hear your advice.


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One thing I can tell you that really helps my nails is to use an oil on them everyday at least once. I use a product called solar oil but you can use olive oil or almond oil or something similar. If I don't use it regularly, my nails break and chip. Also, make sure you always wear rubber gloves if you're cleaning!!

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My nails were weak and a mess after the holidays from all the tree and house decorating, cooking, baking, dish washing, etc. A woman in my office sells Avon and was donating her proceeds from a campaign to a cause I want to support. I purchased Avon Nail Experts Strong Results and started using it. My strong nails are back. The product is recommended to be used twice a day for a couple of weeks I think. You can't use polish over the product. Since I don't use polish anyway, I use it every day. Love it and best of all, it was inexpensive.

Good luck.

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I went from silk wraps because they caused my nails to be even thinner and didn't like the growing out periods to using Onymyrrh but DeLore stopped selling it. I found a product called Onymyrrhe that seems to work as well. I like it because you don't have that polish look to take off and on. You massage it in for less than a minute and then wash your hands. You can use it over your polish or on your bare nails as you rub it into your matrix an cuticle. A search on Google will give you sources. It lasts forever which is why DeLore no longer sells it.

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Nailtiques. They have three forumlas and have improved my nails very much. Check it out. Ulta has it, some beauty supplies and drugstore.com

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