underarm waxing

happygoluckyMay 24, 2006

I dont know if this is the forum for hair removal ,sorry if its not.


I have been having a tough time with underarm hair.When I WAS AROUND 13-14 YRS OLD i HAD TRIED WAXING BUT IT WAS TOO PAINFUL I GOT SCARED AND DECIDED NOT TO DO THAT.bUT IN OUR SCHOOL IT WAS A TREND TO WEAR FULL SLEEVES AND HALF SLEEVES ,NEVER SLEEVELESS.AND SO i NEVER REMOVED THE HAIR(UGH!!)unless absolutely necessary. I GOT OLDER AND OUT OF SCHOOL,i WANTED TO WEAR SLEEVELESS AND TRIED TO SHAVE IT,EVERYTIME i Shaved it the roots would remain and hence the black dots would be seen(my natural color is black).I tried creams but I was totally allergic to it,so I assumed that I have a medical problem (kind of)and accepted to not wear sleeveless.But now I have convinced myself to remove it.I waxed but can u believe it ,i can still see the roots there?and the lady at the salon really worked on it.How come that has happend ,can it be because of shaving,though I have not shaved that much.

2.also though I have not shaved for more than 10 times in total (since I found no use in doing so)the area is slightly blackish.Why?

3.Moreover the follicles are sort of enlarged ,in the sense that there are a lot of tiny bumps visible,Do you know why this is?How to smoothen it?

4.Can you give me a suggestion to remove the hair completely. do you think that if i wax repetedly it may get smoother?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I think everyone has a bit of "shadow" from the follicles unless they are very, very blond. The bumps are from the hairs beginning to grow under the skin between shaving. Often a problem with people with curly hair. I think you are expecting to look "air-brushed." If you are looking at fashion photos and seeing flawless armpits, be assured that those armpits are Photoshop-ed to perfection for publication. Real armpits don't look like that.

Google "razor bumbs" for some advice on preventing the bumbs. I find daily shaving eliminates this problem for me.

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The skin on my face has always been oily. My underarms are not exactly oily,but the skin has a slightly bumpy texture. It gets better in summer,when I shave my pits daily. I've been using Venus Vibrance razor. It really feels nice after.

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Shave your underarms at the end of a long hot shower. Exfoliate before you shave. I've had the same problem, waxing did help, but wasn't perfect. I had to find the correct type of wax -- the dark green stuff that hardens and is pulled off w/o the cloth strip.

Or you can do what I'm doing and save your money for laser hair removal.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Laser Hair Removal Journal

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