bad to freeze bottled water ...?

vieja_gwJuly 13, 2006

I like to have a 16 oz. plastic bottle of water frozen in the freezer to take in the car with me when shopping on a hot afternoon. Someone told me that this was a health issue and NOT to freeze plastic bottles. Does anyone have any info. on this? I usually have two or so bottles in the refrig., another from the freezer thawing and another in the freezer. Sometimes in a hurry I also re-fill from the faucet the bottle I have opened.

I would appreciate any ideas you might have!

- vieja

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Why would this be a health issue? Everybody we know does it--we live near the beach. Nobody I know has ever died from frozen bottle disease. I do know that the bottled water people tried to create a scare against refilling the bottles and reusing them. They claimed that there were bacteria inside. Funny, people reuse thermoses and glasses and ice tea bottles all the time.
When you realize that the water in those bottles doesn't exactly come from pristine mountain lakes--its something to think about whether the tap water isn't safer to begin with.

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I keep those bottles until they wear out and just throw the sippy tops in the dishwasher every so often.

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According to a recent study at Johns Hopkins, it is indeed dangerous to freeze plastic water bottles, as doing so releases carcinogenic dioxins into the water.


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coverlet/J, can you provide us with a website or more detailed citation?

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Yes, 'coverlet', this must be the study I had heard about ... sure hope you can provide us with that article as 'leaveswave'mentioned! Our local Health Dept. did a study on the microbial flora in the water of re-used bottles which wasn't surprising as I'd guess it would be the same bacteria as the person who was always using the bottle had in his mouth anyway so that wouldn't really be a real concern to me ... but the other things- yes! I e-mailed the Dazanti water bottle people (Coke) and they said if the plastic was PET (don't know what this is or how you would find out if a bottle was made of this?!)it was OK.

- Vieja

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OK ...

I found the Johns Hopkins rebuttal to a HOAX since 2004 attributed to them concerning freezing bottled water and bottled water in general. It is NOT dangerous!

Here is the site I found: under Intellihealth. Hope it helps ... it did ME!

- Vieja

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Thanks for mentioning Johns Hopkins .... that led to my finding the report erronously attributed to them! Now to enjoy my bottles of frozen water!

- Vieja

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Hi vieja, has thermal water bottles that keep water cold or hot! I bought a Think Sport brand reusable water bottle that has a double walled vacuum seal, and it works pretty well. It keeps water or tea or whatever cold or hot all day. It looks cool too :-) to me that works better than freezing. Their website is

You're not supposed to reuse a throw away plastic bottle. The plastic degrades over time and can leach into the water. It is a lot cheaper to drink filtered tap water in a reusable water bottle!

- wcentrale

Here is a link that might be useful: has Think Sport bottles, also Klean Kanteen and Sigg bottles

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Of course people who sell water bottles would say not to reuse the commercial ones.

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Again, refer to the John's Hopkins report ... it is OK to re-use & freeze plastic water bottles & that a hoax was attributed to them they said.

lindac: I agree, chec out these ads before taking them as gospel truth!

- vieja

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Go to walgreens and buy their $10 culligan filter pitcher ... make your own bottled water for two months. Replacement filters are maybe $5.50

World of a difference than my supposedly perfect city water chloramine taste.

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Here is a page to look at.

I reuse mine, but with all this talk I just can't be sure. Good today bad tomorrow. We just have to use our own judgement and make sure the bottles are clean.

Here is a link that might be useful: reusing water bottles

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send me all info on it

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I have not heard of that. But I have heard that it is bad to leave plastic bottled water in a hot car (even if the drink it frozen cold) because of the plastic releasing chemicals.

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Been almost 6 years since I posted this question...! I still would like a bottle that I could fill with water & freeze to take along during the day. I like ICE water & find the plastic bottles I fill with water & freeze are so handy to take out of the freezer & take with me during the day. Am waiting for that special, safe, freezable bottle!!

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A friend of mine told me this morning about it being bad to freeze plastic bottles. I take one to bed every night, half frozen, and half filled with water. Keeps me going all night.

So I did a little research and found this that says the whole thing was a hoax ... it's OK according to this article that even says Johns Hopkins never said anything about it ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link regarding plastic bottle freezing hoax

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