Beverage for a Bridal Shower

marciagayeJuly 15, 2007

I am hosting a Bridal Shower....mid afternnon. I am going to be serving finger foods. I need some suggestions on what to serve to drink. All guests are over 21...LOL...most are WAY over 21.

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Champagne punch is always good!


1 container of Orange Sherbet
1 two liter of Ginger Ale
1 bottle of Champagne

Put them together in a punch bowl and enjoy!

It's light, fruity, and goes well with finger food. I have also seen it made with fruit punch or cherry juice in place of the sherbet. Then oranges or other fruit floating on top.

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White wine.....sangria, champagne...
I'm not sure that 'mature" women are really into orange sherbet drinks with food. I think sweet sherbet drinks are best alone.
Linda C

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Wine does sound like a good choice for your bridal shower, white is light and (heaven forbid) less likely to stain if spilled. However, please also offer non-alcoholic beverages like good ole ice water, tea and if you want to a variety of sodas. If some of your guest are a long way over 21, they could have health issues that will not be good if meds are mixed with alcohol.

A refreshing glass of water, with a floating lemon slice in a pretty glass can be used to toast and celebrate just as well as a wineglass! After all it is the intent not the beverage that makes the wish!


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I agree with susan_in_nc that offering a non-alcoholic option should be done.

But I wanted to share a recipe for a sparkling punch that is light and crisp, and very pretty looking since it is completely clear in color.

1 Vodka
1 Gin
1 Rum
1 Triple Sec
1 Rose's Lime Juice (Only use Rose's! There is a huge difference in taste between brands.)
1 Champagne
3 Sprite or 7-UP

Chill your punch bowl in the freezer overnight and also chill the boooze and Rose's. The high alcohol content and high sugar content of the Roses's will keep them from freezing and exploding. Loosen caps before setting in freezer. Keep Champagne and soda in refigerater until ready to serve. Also make up a ring ice mold to float in the punch when it is out to help maintain temp. Floating a few lemon/orange/lime slices makes for a pretty garnish. Or you could use edible flowers to float in the punch in the center of the ice ring mold.

A variation is to use club soda or seltzer instead of sweetened soda.

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A Sangria is always nice and refreshing

I use a light white wine, like Pinot Grigio and add small slices of peaches, some orange supremes and some grapes. It can be served from a punch bowl or made individually. Kust make sure it is cold.

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White Sangria. Recipe:
One Bottle Pinot Grigio.
One each orange,lemon and lime, squueze out the juice, make a few nice slices of each to float on top.
Simple syrup (water and sugar) to taste
One quart seltzer-citrus or orange flavor preferred.
Combine all but the fruit slices, stir. Add seltzer and citrus slices last. Enjoy!

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I wanted to share a drink I had on New Year's Eve. I thought it would be great for a bridal shower. It was called "Tickled Pink" The recipe is on Bon Appetit's site. It had champagne, Coconut rum, Grand Marnier, and grenedine. Everyone who tasted it loved it. It was light pink with just a taste of coconut and bubbles!

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Bud_wi - your recipe sounds interesting and I'd like to make it but I'm unclear on the amounts of the ingredients.

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