diminish wrinkles

michie1May 21, 2004

There are so many anti aging products out there & I don't really want to be taken. I understand glycolic acid, alph hydroxy acids, retinol & prescription retin A are all supposed products that help minimize the apearance of wrinkles. Not sure I can afford retin A. Are there specific formulatins or percentages one should look for & is there any place to locate that information since I don't think products list this info.

Also has anyone tried any of the wrinkle sort of fill in products out there like Genie line smoother from QVC or the topical silicone from HSN. I'm 38 & have been told I look in my 20's but I have noticed a difference in my skin texture & lines around my eyes & forhead over the last yr & want to do anything to camouflague them. I tried that dewey make-up look that's so in but my husband just felt I looked like I had greasy skin.


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Hi Michie,

A topic I'm always on top of!

All the ingredients you mention work to exfoliate the top layer of the skin - dead skin, to make your skin look smoother. They are also all great for very oily and acne-prone skin. None of them prevent wrinkles or reduce them. In excess, they can irritate and dry-out sensitive skin, and should be used one at a time and for a short duration. Over-the-counter formulations almost all use the same percentages of amounts - the maximum allowed for OTC products.

Wrinkles are caused by sun exposure, facial expressions, and gravity, and can be exacerbated by dryness.

I'm in my mid-40s now, and my skin looks great, but I am getting gravity wrinkles around the mouth, my jawline is getting "soft", and my eye area is starting to droop. This natural aging can only be fixed with surgery.

But what you can do now to keep your skin in good shape is keep hydrated inside and out.
- Drink water and gatorade, stay away from diuretics like caffeine, which actually pulls water out of your system.
- Stay moisturized and use sunscreen. It doesn't really matter which moisturizer you use - they work mechanically - (kind of like keeping a leather handbag supple with oil rubbing). Just choose one that you like, that doesn't clog pores. Any moisturizer used daily will reduce the "appearance" of wrinkles by plumping up the top layer of skin temporarily. So don't feel like you have to spend lots of money. (Believe me I have!)
- Powder settles in wrinkles, clogs pores and makes you look older - stay away from it.
- Stay out of the sun or wear a hat and sunscreen if you do go outdoors.
- Don't smoke - smokers' skin ages quickly due to dehydration of tissues and the sucking on cigs that bring on the vertical mouth lines.
- Don't drink too much alcohol or eat excess sugar or salt.
- Get enough sleep.
- Don't sleep on your face. If you sleep on your side, make sure to switch from side to side or you may get more gravity-wrinkling on one side of your face.
- Smile, be happy. If you are going to wrinkle, you might as well wrinkle attractively!

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I agree that you can not camouflague wrinkles. You can prevent them by using a high SPF everyday, not smoking, not drinking alcohol to access and getting great genes. Sorry.

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:) I agree with everything that Gina says...

and add- leave your poor skin alone. don't poke the wrinkles, stretch the skin into its 'old' tautness...this breaks down collagen even faster than sunlight.

put sunscreen and moisturizer on gently, drink more water and fruit juice than coffee or anything else.

all those treatments can be matched by mashing up a piece of mango, papaya, or pineapple, and applying it to the skin as a mask for just a few minutes. they all contain the 'plant enzymes' that they're selling for $40/bottle, without all the synthetics.

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When getting on a regimen of Retin A you will see a big improvement in your skin after a few months and yes,the small superficial wrinkles caused by sun damage will disappear.Superficial brown spots will also fade completely away. You use Retin A for as long as you want your skin to look good. I don't know anyone who once started using it,didn't use it for at least a couple of years. Alpha Hydroxy Acid also does a decent job but it takes longer to get the result you would get from Retin A. Look for a 10 per cent concentration. A good one is Alpha Hydrox found in most drug stores.Many companies now automatically will put alpha hydroxy acids in their moisturizers because they have proven to be so effective.I can't imagine not ever using some form of these exfoliators on a daily basis. A couple of weeks without them and my skin starts losing it's texture and smoothness.

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For you youngums who really havent strtiing wrinkling I would use Avon clinical wrinkle corrector. My young friend has been using it and crows feet and lines around the mouth ave pretty much disppeared. She stays out of the sun, uses a sun screen and exfoliation. I also use it plus Strixaderm and sometimes retinA at night. Only problem with retinA is that skin tends to dry more and you become more sun sensitive which isn't good for me. I hate to wear sunscreen too much. I stocked up on retin A on a trip to Mexico. You can get it there for about $10-11 a tube (at many tourist shops) versus Rx here at about $75 wo insurance.

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In my oppinion the best treatment is with something 100% natural because only this way you can be sure it will not have any nasty side effects. If anyone knows any 100% products please let me know

Regards, Jordan

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Natural is not congruent with 'good for the skin'.... and doesn't guarantee that no side effects will occur from use.

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Right, Foosacub....poison oak is "natural!"

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Retinol is less harsh than Retin A and not as drying. It will help smooth finer lines and wrinkles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Retinol Skin Care

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You need to start when you are 12. Stay out of the sun. Don't squint or frown. Don't smoke, and don't gain weight. Also pick parents from a good gene pool.( most of this is achieveable)

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This is an old post but still something I'm in search of & no tinterested in real expensive products either.

Well there MUST be products that actually work b/c the cosmetics & advertising industry are always using tricks to dimish the look or camouflauge wrinkels. Lucky for my my gene pool was pretty good, but ANY wrinkles or sagging is too much.

I've tried several moisturizers but other than helping to eliminate dryness which can make you look ashy & older, I don't really find they plump. I've tried glycolic peels/microdermabrasions at home a few times & each time got horrible breakouts (never thought of myself as having sensitive skin). I went for 2 microdermabrasions (they were complementary) & not only did I not see any improvement but I also had horrible dryness & breakouts afterwards. B/c of those experiences I'm afraid to try retin A or retinol products. The breakouts last wks.

For months I've used eye cream with no noticebale difference. I've also tried lip plumpers & didn't notice anything.

I've also tried different cosmetics. The dewy look looks greasy not necessarily youthful. I've tried the mineral lines & really hated them. They work no differently than powders & everything settles in the lines making them even MORE noticeable. Any of the cream products that actually offer any coverage also settle in the lines.

Finally the best switches I've made are to use a makeup primer under my eyes so that at least the under eye conceler won't settle in the lines - it makes the skin smoother for applying make-up. It's makes no difference in teh way the skin actually looks other than protecting against settling make-up & making the make-up glid eon easily so less tugging. I also switched to a foundation that has light diffusing BUT I find they are lighter formulations & while that's good b/c it causes less settling they also don't offer as much coverage which I find is needed as you age & the skin b/c more blotchy.

I even tried Gene Instant line Remover which is supposed to offer immediately temporary results & it felt like my skin was being pulled & taut & if I smiled I felt like I was going to crack. Has anyone else tried any other products like this that has worked for them.


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You might want to check out some of the books written by Dr. Perricone. Among other things, he advises that one follow an anti-inflammatory diet and apply certain nutriceuticals to the skin. Of course, he also sells products that are very expensive and may or may not work. But anyone could adapt the program to suit herself or himself.

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I found a recommendation for SkinMedica's Retinol Complex in a recent Reader's Digest (Aug. 2007). I bought some on eBay, and after using it for 3 weeks or so, the wrinkles around my eyes are diminishing. The cream is applied after you clean your face at night. I am 58 y/o, and have dry skin, but I have been very happy with this product.

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You can take care of the skin you have now but you can't undo wrinkles you already have. You're chasing something that doesn't exist.

The celebrity tricks include pulling loose skin back and under the hair. Try it - While looking in a mirror, take the hair directly above your ears and pull up. It's great. If you want to do that all the time. I know women who do variations on that. Personally I get a headache wearing my hair up.

Another tried and true is to wear your hair ON your face - like Goldie Hawn. It hides the crows feet, that's for sure.

There ARE some gluey solutions on the market - I think Adrienne Arpel has one she hawks on QVC. You put it on and pull the skin up - the gluey stuff dries and your skin stays like that for the day, until you wash it off.

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"The celebrity tricks include pulling loose skin back and under the hair. Try it - While looking in a mirror, take the hair directly above your ears and pull up."

OUCH!!!! I'm only 41 & have good genetics, don't have much wrinkling (gravity softening - double chin developing, some fine wrinkles around the eyes are the only wrinkles I really have but the skin texture is also different than when I was younger) so I don't have any loose skin to do that with. How would one hold up that loose skin under the hair anyway?

Adrienne Arpel actually sells on HSN & I wondered if anyone has used her products. I know I tried what I thought was something similar, QVC's Genie instant line smoother & I felt like my face had glue all over it & if I smiled I felt like it was going to crack, so I sent that back.

I'll look into "SkinMedica's Retinol Complex". I've seen dr Pericone on some shopping channel. His beauty products are way too costly.

Thanks ladies.

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The one I heard about had clips and a rubber band that goes under the hair around the head. I kid you not.

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Michie -
It's been four years since you started this post and more than a year since you last replied. How's your quest going? As for me, I'm appalled at the number of anti aging products they put on the market today. It seems that those creams and supplements get more expensive by the day. I've completeely stop buying commercial products - I'm kinda disgusted! =) I've turned to good nutrition (calorie restriction also), good sleep and EXERCISING. At last those solutions are natural, cheap and scientifically proven. I've even created a web site to share my findings. Anyone's comments and suggestions are more than welcomed!

Here is a link that might be useful: Anti Aging Natural Supplements,

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Obagi is available from plastic surgeons and is great! The initial skin care set lasts about a year and considering not only how long it last but also how my skin has changed-it's more than worth it (about 400.00). Gone are lines around my mouth, scars, dark spots, and lack luster skin. My husband is amazed. It really does work. I am sure there are other brands which have similar ingredients, but this works.
(you also use sun screen daily-even if it's foggy). (I get told all the time I look much younger (actually, they guess my children's age).

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I am in my late 40's and I have found that the best thing you can do for your skin at this age (aside from the obvious moisturizer/sunscreen) is #1 to take Betaine HCL with every meal. After age 40 your body doesn't produce enough of it on its own. It is a digestive enzyme and ensures that your body is getting optimum nutrition from the food you eat and; #2 My skin was aging horribly fast at about 45 y/o I found an anti-aging doctor who tested my hormones (saliva testing) and found out that I had about 0 testosterone. I now take bio-identical testosterone and people keep asking "did you have work done?"......LOL.....

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