Humidity & Hair!

FlowergirlDeb2May 17, 2003

Hi everyone. I'm not a regular poster here, but I am a woman with a beauty question!:) I recently got a job that I love at a Greenhouse, which of course is HUMID despite what the temp. is outside. My hair is awful in humidity, and by lunch I end up looking like I just woke up!! Does anyone know of a hair care product that could help me control some of the frizzies? I understand that my environment causes the bad hair, but ANY help would be so appreciated...just so I feel a little better about looking at people at work!:) Thanks a bunch!

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It's very difficult ... what I do when I know it's going to be humid and it will be a bad hair day (or, at least a time-consuming struggle!) I slick my hair back with gel and leave it in a ponytail... if you have short hair, use enough gel to slick it back and it should stay. It's an elegant look, too ;)

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Do you have curly hair? Mine goes nuts during humid days and I live in Florida! I wear it curly but make sure I use lots of extra conditioner on especially humid days.

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I agree with rider about pulling your hair back. That's the only thing that really keeps my hair looking neat when it's humid, other than putting a ton of hairspray on it. Not sure how long your hair is but maybe you could try a french braid or something like that. Have you tried Mink hairspray? It stays flexible but holds well.

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I appreciate all of the responses! My hair is kinda long, 3 inches past my shoulders. I pull it back and all, but I HATE not having something hanging down for me to "hide" under!:) I've used my bangs since I was a kid to hide behind, when my entire face/forehead is exposed I feel naked!:)
I will try some leave in conditioner...maybe that will work? And I guess I need to get off the dependency kick of my hair and show my face, or suffer the frizzies as a result! Thanks everyone!:)

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Try Mossimo (sp?- their brand) "curl balm" from Target, in a lavender bottle. It works for my untameable hair, up to a point. When it gets beyond that point, I add a TINY smidge of baby oil to the curl balm. Either way, I just comb it through my hair when wet and let air dry. Although I have heard that blow drying is the best way to prevent the frizzies, I just can't figure out how to blow-dry my hair and keep the curl but not the frizz.

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Thanks Meghane...I have to stop at Target tomorrow! AFTER work of course.:)

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I have bra-strap length curly thick hair. Mine frizzes if I use too much conditioner. I live in the Midwest Ohio valley where it is humid almost every Summer day.

John Frieda products.. check them out. The Beach Blonde line is what I use. I'm a redhead but the stuff is awesome on any hair color!

I've also used Mossimo in the lavender bottle and it works great for taming crazy curls.

I've found that cheaper things = nasty curls.

Expensive products = gorgeous curls.

It's worth it!

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Aveda makes a product called "Hang Straight" which is designed to be used for blowing-out curly hair. I use even though I already have completely straight hair! It really keeps it smooth despite the humidity, without making it feel weighted down. Not cheap though, and you have to get it at an Aveda store or salon.

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I've got hair that my husband describes as 'feral'...and his is rock-star curly, and longer than mine. Alberto VO5 is my mainstay- yes, I know petroleum products in your hair's not good, but it works well enough that I don't have to put my hair up in a bun when i'm going to the garden shops, or picking strawberries. for 'every day' her prefers a tiny bit of a wazy pomade at the temples, and simply doesn't wash out the conditioner (biolage something or other) to keep his curls soft. I've also heard that WELLA jsut cam out with a new anti-frizz pomade, and if it's as good as their new Wellatrex line- I'm all over it.!

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