Royal Cup Ice Tea

dbfirewifeJuly 12, 2008

Has anyone here ever had Royal Cup Ice Tea? When we stayed at Cocoa Beach last summer the hotel we stayed in served this brand and it was delicious ice tea. I did look them up on the web and can order it thru them. .I don't think the price is bad really. .you get 100 gallon size bags for $40.00. I was just hoping to find someplace where I could buy a smaller quantity. Just to make sure it tastes the same made with my water here in Oklahoma. .I was just wondering if any of you had seen it anywhere? Thanks. Debbie

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Debbie, I recently had some Royal Cup ice tea and loved it! On my list of many things to do is to order some online. We drink a lot of tea so I think it will all get used. Linda

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I just found out recently that Carrabbas in Merritt Island had been using Royal Cup iced tea. It was so great we'd drink 4 or 5 glasses with each meal. They recently changed to a different tea and it's not as tasty. I'd love to find some. Gonna try World Market in Viera and see if they carry it.

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Atlanta Bread Company Serves Royal Cup Tea

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lizbeth-gardener has 100 tea bags for 5.95 plus shipping.

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