michie1May 21, 2004

Are the home versions any comparison to the professional office visits? Has anyone had either & can share their experience. Re: home version - what does one for in one? My dermatologist had no idea it was even avail for home.


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i bought one i used it for 3 weeks didn't see any difference. quit using it. out 40.00. enough said

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Well I had 2 professional microdermabrasions done & after the 1st my skin, especially my nose felt so smoth. No one told me it would feel like someeone was forcing a pumice stone against my face though.... Afte rht e2nd treatment my face competely borke out - that hasnt' happened in years. My dermatologist years ago told me that too much physical exfoliation causes the oil glands to be overactivated & this confirmed it. I'll never do it again.

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I can't do it either. My skin has always been sensitive, and it breaks out a red rash with microdermabrasion - or waxing, for that matter.

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I've been using my kit for three months.I really like it .I use it every other day and use Strivectin D on the days inbetween.My skin has never looked better.

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My Aesthetician won't do dermabrasion, period. doesn't understand why people without scarring think they need it, when there are perfectly nice glycolic acid treatments out...and she'll go into mind-boggling, hypnotic detail about it while she's mashing a papaya before she mixes it with some other things, and applies it liberally to my skin.

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So what was her take on the difference between the peel and the dermabrasion?I almost got the peel,but wanted something I could share with DS who has some acne scarring.

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I don't believe dermabrasion is the same thing as microdermabrasion. I believe dermabrasion is what your aethetician was talking about & is a harsh cosmetic treatment. Microdermabrasion is only some exfoliation that's done with an almost sandpaper feeling tool to make your skin feel smooth & remove dry skin so that fine lines become less visible. It doesn't leave your skin burning or red or sore like dermbrasion does but in my case it did cause acne several das later.


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Its all in the terminology. A microdermabrasion is actually a minor surgical procedure done with either a tool much like sandpaper or a automated wire brush that literally crapes the skin off the face. Its like when we fall down and skin our knee, takes about 10 days to get over and it has the potential of leaving scars if not done correctly.
A microdermapeel is a treatment performed by a licensed (usually) aesthetician. It is a treatment much like sandblasting. A machine releases crystals like real fine sand which removes the top 3 layers of skin (we have 7).
When finished your face feels like it is sunburned or wind burned. You can apply makeup and go back to work. Sunburned feeling is gone next day. Usually takes a series of 5 or more for full results. These are done as skin treatments only and unless kept up on a maintenance schedule will revert back to the way skin ws to begin with.
There are all kinds of skin peels that are done in spas that are beneficial and have good results. If it is a deep chemical peel a dermatologist should perform those only. Dont mean to sound like a know it all but I have been doing this for a living for about 18 years. Again, its all in the terminology and sometimes these are referred to simply as dermapeels or dermabrasions. Questions, email me.

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So ar eyou an aethetician b/c it's my understanding & the terminlogy used by teh laser place I go to that a microdermabrasion is not that at all. It is the one with the crystals, whiich I had done & while it's odd having someone scrub you with a sandpaper like feeling you don't need any recovery time at all & don't feel sunburned either. The procedure I believe you're describing is a dermabrasion not microdermabrasion.

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OK I actually looked up the difference & this site http://www.dermapower.com/history-of-microdermabrasion.html says this:

"The standard current dermabrasion technique employs a small hand-held electrically powered device that rotates a wire brush or diamond-coated stainless steel wheel at speeds of 15,000-30,000 rpm. By using a combination of oral sedatives, local anesthetics, injections of narcotic pain medications and topical spray refrigerants, this procedure can be done in an outpatient setting. A precisely controlled abrasion is performed which results in an open wound that heals with fresh, new skin after a short period of time. Preventing infection and achieving rapid healing requires vigilant daily wound care and dressing changes until complete healing occurs, usually by 7-10 days. During this interval, most patients can not function at their normal work or social activities and most patients rest at home through the healing period.

Since the early 1990's a variety of Laser devices are the instruments of choice to perform controlled skin dermabrasions, or what now is known as Laser Skin Resurfacing.

The Crystal Microdermabrasion system is an Italian invention with FDA approval in America (1997). It is a medical unit which should be supervised by a medical practitioner or well trained aesthetician, under medical guidance.

A home microdermabrasion is a safe, controlled and painless procedure.

A controlled microdermabrasion treatment is: Precise and carried out on localized areas. Not dangerous or painful. Results are very successful and lasting Applied on any type of skin. Microdermabrasion is performed with a jet of micro crystals vacuumed with a handpiece across the skins surface at high to remove the dead and damaged cells. The therapist can control the depth of the abrasion. Topical anesthesia is not required."

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I could not use the home systems a la neutrogena (In fact I got my money back)... At three different times, I got a type of pimple that took a long time to go away.. almost like a cut...

While investigating other methods of removing age spots (the incentive to do the home dermabrasion system), I was told by a professional dermantology office that their aestheticians do use a microdermabrasion system that does NOT use crystals (see previous post).. In the future, I would go with the non-crystal version or investigate the type of crystals that are used in either home or "professional" versions.

Give me laser!

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I used the home microdermabrasions twice as well & also broke out severely. At home versions use glycolic acid to exfoliate. I have never had sensitive skin to chemicals but have been known to break out (although yrs ago) with physical exfoliation, like just over-scrubbing my face with even a wash cloth or using too many products on my face causing oil glands to be over-stimulated.

I guess my quest for more youthful smoother skin using professional or at home microdermabrasions isn't for me. Just last wk I had lasik done & I was told I looked like 25 (just had my 40th bdy) so I guess I still have time but I notice my skin isn't the same as it was when I was 25.

My dermatologist told me I have mild rosacea (could have fooled me) so she told me all these products are going to aggravate my skin.

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