Too old to be a fairy, but...

shelley_tMay 20, 2010

Me and my daughter are hosting a tea for little girls at our church with a fairy theme. Lovely mossy greens, browns, whites.... Anyway, the problem is, my daughter (13) will dress in a kind of ballet looking fairy with costume like eye make-up and sparkles. I obviously can't and don't want to look like a fairy, but I'd like to ALLUDE to the idea and compliment my daughter's costume and makeup. I just did this same table before for an adult crowd and my friend and I just dressed in complementary colors. I have a brown top and straight moss green skirt. Not exactly the ethereal look I'd like for the little girl crowd. The makeup is really tripping me up, but sparkles seem the fast track to an airy ethereal look.

Ideas for clothing, hair, makeup?

Here's a photo... I'm in the brown shirt:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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How about a ring of flowers in your hair, with some more flowers or pretty ribbons hanging down in the back? Wear your hair down, not pulled back as in the photo (which looks nice but fairies' hair flies around, right? At least all the ones I've seen! LOL!) You could use fresh flowers but it probably be easier to go to Michaels or a similar place if you have one near you.

Do you have more of a "flowy" skirt, rather than a straight one? Maybe you could find something in a thrift shop. Or even if you found a loose, flowy dress, almost like a nightgown.

Maybe sandals on the feet, flower ring around one ankle?
Makeup would probably be like your daughter's.
Sparklies in your arms, shoulders if they show.

If you go to a thrift shop, check the costume jewelry to see if they have a flower, sun, moon or some such natural item which you could tie on a ribbon for a necklace.

Just my two cents. However you go, I'm sure you'll look wonderful. Lucky daughter to have such a great mom to plan this fun event. Let us know how it goes.

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Shelly, you are NEVER too old to play dress up! Do whatever you want, I like Sock's ideas, but since it is make believe anyway, do it up your own way! Enjoy!

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