How to make lemonade in a cooler to serve 30+

msnikkiJuly 19, 2002

Hello all,

I am planning a baby shower BBQ for my sister. I would like to have a large cooler with the spout of lemonade to serve 30-50 people. I like the old fashioned sweet lemonade. Please let me know if you have any recipes. Thank you.

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First figure out how many quarts your cooler holds, then buy frozen lemonade in an amount that will almost fill the cooler, with a little room left for ice.
Linda c

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Old Fashioned Lemonade
In the 1800's this is how people made lemonade - you can do it too! It's wonderful! This makes about four 8-ounce glasses.
All you need is:

4 Lemons

1 cup Sugar

1 quart Water

To make it: Peel the rinds from the lemons with a paring knife and cut them into ½" slices. Set the lemons aside. Place the rinds in a mixing bowl and sprinkle the sugar over them. Let stand for one hour so that the sugar begins to soak up the lemon oil.

Bring the water to a boil in a covered saucepan and carefully pour the hot water over the sugared lemon rinds.

Allow the mixture to cool for 20 minutes and then remove the rinds with a mixing spoon.

Squeeze the lemons into another bowl, then pour the juice through a strainer into the sugar mixture.

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