espresso crema

DianaUJuly 1, 2004

my espresso machine isn't creating the same amount of crema on the top of each cup. I guess it could be the coffee itself I am using. has anyone heard of an espresso machine not performing well after a few years. It's a high end braun machine.

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I suspect your grind isn't fine enough and/or you are not tamping the coffee hard enough.
Linda C

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thanks for that reply but i have discovered it is the total opposite. crema forms best when its not ground super fine and I needed to moisten the grounds for a few seconds before actually brewing. Thanks anyway.

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Crema is the result of a few factors, some are not easily achieved with a home machine;

Fresh Beans- roasted within 14 days. Not all coffee varieties produce good crema.
Correct grinder setting and proper packing technique.
Enough Pump Pressure
Accurate and consistent water temp.

The last two are where most home units fall short.


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We've seen a difference with different types of coffee, so if you've made a change, that could be it. Also, make sure you are cleaning (and decalcifying if needed) your machine regularly.

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I saw the moistening thing on Good Eats recently. He says that if the grounds are moist they are less likely to float around when the water hits it. So now I have a squirt bottle in the kitchen.

I'd also try the cleaning idea. Running white vinegar through the machine usually does the trick.


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And here's a good article about cleaning your coffee maker

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Clean A Coffee Maker

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