Pepsi Twist & Coke w/ Lemon?

zzeasyJuly 26, 2007

What happened to these varieties of diet & regular Pepsi & Coke? My wife and I both liked Diet Pepsi Twist (she's Pepsi- I'm Coke, but still preferred the Pepsi Twist) and now it has been discontinued. Adding a slice of lemon to a glass of plain diet makes it "go flat" because of the oil in the lemon rind. I heard that there is a phone number to call to try to reinstate the products but haven't found it- does anyone here have it? I can drink Diet Coke w/ Lime, but somehow can't seem to believe that lime is more popular than lemon- or is it just me?

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I'm not crazy about either.
Linda C

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Sorry I can't help you with the 800# but if you like lemon flavor and believe it is the oils that make it go flat, maybe try just using the citrus. Toss the peel.

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