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Vickey__MNJuly 4, 2007

Okay I LOVE Iced coffee from Starbucks...I don't own a coffee maker (I usually made mud, and so didn't make coffee at home), but it gets expensive, so my DD got me a french press to make coffee at home. SO do you think I can make Iced Coffee at home? See here's the thing...she works for Starbucks and I can get my coffee beans for FREE. I have the recipe but will it work with a french press the same as if I'd made it in a coffee maker?

Recipe: (they usually use Tezerra or Gazebo Blend) ...and this is published so I'm not giving away any secrets.

Coffee is double strength...

1 cup ground coffee to 3 cups water

When brewing is complete pour into a pitcher or Carafe

Optional: Add sweetner (Sugar or Syrup)

Add 3 cups Ice to Pitcher and let cool

Serve in tall glass filled halfway with ice

I would probably have to cut the measurements down for my french press, but it should work, shouldn't...Hey the coffee's free so I guess it's worth a try.


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They pay the empoyees there with beans?

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