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beejb4July 16, 2002

Does anyone Brew their own? I'm interested in having someone to email for help. Are their message boards better than this one. From Joe, working on his 4th batch, and maker of some interesting wines. Thanks.

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HI joe, I am just getting into beer making. what kind of equipment do you have? What flavor beer is your preference? I just ordered Hops seeds to plant in the fall - I am going to try to do it all. Every time someone comes out with a beer I like, it gets discontinued! Long-Tyme Watney's Drinker!!

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I homebrew occasionally, always ales. It blows any domestic beer away.

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I've made home-made wine for years. All I do is buy some grape or apple juice from the grocery store, put it in a 2-liter pop bottle, (which is made to hold pressure), make sure the cap isn't tight, and then put in 1/2 teaspoon of yeast. Bread yeast works fine, although it doesn't give as firm of sediment as wine yeast. Ferments for 1 month, then test sugar content with hydometer (should be no or little sugar) then chill and drink. Better with age, usually about 10% alcohol.

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We have been making wine for about 3 years now and still learning. Right now we have blackberry going, cherry going and just started more blackberry tonight.We have made raisen and banana & grape too.
Myself I would rather have made a pie LOL.

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