Viking fridge: didn't last 4 months

nlionJanuary 7, 2013

We bought a Viking French door refrigerator in late September 2012. We noticed yesterday (Sunday) that it didn't sound right and then noticed the interior temps rising. The technican (actually he was the owner of the appliance service) just left. He said it needs a new compressor. To make matters worse, he said he's had the same part on order for another customer and it's taken 3 1/2 weeks to get the compressor. He recommended we contact our retailer and request a new refrigerator. We obviously can't wait 3.5 weeks to get the new compressor. I'm going to call the retailer in the morning and request we get a new refrigerator. Has anyone have a similar experience and success in getting their unit replaced?

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Call Viking direct, not the appliance store.
Viking had been trying to "Improve their image" which does need a lotta help here in GW.

You may have seen the post where they were recently bought out. One would not think they wish to start out on their left foot, especially after the positive reviews on their new induction range.

Seems like Viking does not make their own fridges, and their are a TON, yes a Ton of web-sites for appliance parts that have compressors in stock.

Step 1, find out who made the fridge.
Step 2, google the model # of the fridge along with compressor, that should show you who has it in stock.
Your dealer should be doing this for you, but it beats being without a fridge for that long a time.

Good Luck with it!


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I believe KA makes the fridge - FD counter depth?

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I've heard it was made by Amana which was taken over by Whirlpool, although I am not sure about that. Based on Gary's recommendation, I called Viking directly. They said I need to deal with Milestone Distributors. I then called Milestone (I believe they're in Houston?) and they said they'd get back to me. I reminded them that we currently have NO refrigeration and I am literally sitting by the phone awaiting their call. This is not fun at all. Nearly $4K for a refrigerator and I'm looking at a camping cooler holding our milk and other essentials.

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Thanks, Gary and Katy-lou for your input. And yes, it's French door, counter depth.

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If You do not get a call SOON, from Milestone, invite them to read this thread, or better yet, get their Email address and Email the posts to them!

There are a lotta folks watching this thread, if outcome is
not positive and fast, how many of them do you think will buy Viking Fridges, or any Viking product, for that matter, (Or even take Viking up on their offer of a Free Fridge or whatever, if one buys the whole Viking Suite)!

I have to go to San Diego, or I would get the part number of the compressor for you and where Viking can buy it.

Post the fridge model # here, perhaps one of our other "Gurus" here, (especially the appliance guys), can find the compressor.


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Fridge is Viking model # VCFF236SS002. Thanks for the support, Gary!

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Viking is shooting themselves in the foot with this one.

I have never ordered from the business I've linked below, but the part is available and can be rushed. No excuse for making you wait.

Here is a link that might be useful: Part available with rush delivery

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I believe KA makes the fridge - FD counter depth?

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That is a problem with rebadged customized high end low volume stuff.
At least with Sears they take ownership of almost all appliances they sell
so there is only one organization trying to hide from you.

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This concerns me as I purchased the Viking D3 RDDFF236SS back in Sep 2012. I've been told these are the same refrigerators except "the difference between the Professional unit and the Designer is the door handle and the logo." And yes, both are manufactured by Whirlpool are are mechanically identical to the KA KFCP22/KFCS22 and Jenn Air JFC2290 models. But Viking had the better warranty (for what it's worth), which is why I chose it. No problems thus far .

Side note: I paid around $2600 out the door for the D3 frig. I would ask your retailer as to why he/she felt the Professional series carried a $1K+ premium over what's basically the same frig.

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Update: We are getting a new refrigerator delivered this afternoon. Per Gary's suggestion, I sent Viking a link to this discussion...could that have been the catalyst that caused them to act so promptly? I guess we'll never know. :-) Thanks so very much to everyone here for their suggestions and support.

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Thank goodness it's getting resolved quickly. Too bad it took a vague threat of poor reviews to get action. You shouldn't have had to do that in order to get good customer service!

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I live in Houston and wondering how Milestone responded. We are considering the D3 fridge at the moment. Do you have regrets?

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I have no regrets about buying the Viking. Admittedly, I pulled out all the stops after the tech told me I should request a new one. I contacted everybody I could think of, plus I posted my issue here on GW. As a result, I had a new one in my kitchen within two days. The only thing that's different with Viking is that when you call Viking, they ask where you're located, then they direct you to a distributor (in my case, Milestone) for service. My new fridge is working fine...38 degrees in the fridge, 0 degrees in the freezer!

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glad they resolved it for you to your satisfaction.
that has got to be the worse feeling to pay all the money and then have it break down...

good job Gary getting the ball rolling!!!

hope this one lasts all long time, best of luck to you :)

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Thanks, sprtphntc! :-)

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Nice to know a little strong-arming can work....I had been considering that same french door refrigerator and am still a bit wary.

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I'm so sorry that you had problems with your Viking Freestanding refrigerator. If there is anything I can do to help please email me at

Thanks so much for choosing Viking. I'd like to make this right.

All best,

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Well, i'm impressed by the Viking Post, it does appear they "Give A darn".

One does wonder what happened to Chris Poll, (Electrolux).
It's not a pretty story about the Elux Induction Ranges, but I digress!


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I'm a bit puzzled; I posted the original comment in early January. Ms. Gault, whom I spoke with in January, posted her comment on May 16th. Evidently she did not read my follow-up comments to see it had been resolved.
Further update: we're pleased with our replacement Viking fridge. No problems to report.

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Thank you nlion for this post as I was looking at the Jenn-Air model that I see is the same as this Viking model and is the same as the Kitchen-Aid Model. I will see which one I can get the best price for if I can find a way to fit it under my cabinets that I am not keeping anyway as soon I will have new cabinets. I loved the bottom freezer and the overall look of this model. So glad Viking acted quickly and took care of you. Thanks for sharing.

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I am having a similar issue with my Viking fridge. Just emailed I hope she will be able to help me.

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