Updated 1980's bath...before & after pics

stinky-gardenerJanuary 25, 2012

This isn't one of those splendid jaw-dropping bath remodels that are a common occurence on this forum. But thought I'd post my pics here as I believe a fair number of people have dated bathrooms like mine who are interested in making changes using budget-minded options. I didn't have a GC or a designer, & didn't change the footprint, but I think the results are an improvement.

Here's a link to my photobucket album. Click on "view all" for and overview, or "view as slideshow" for clearer pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: before & after pics

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It is so pretty! I love the colors you chose and fixtures/furniture!
I have a very similar bathroom as far as set up. Huge tub, surrounded by tile, wall separating shower, and giant ugly builder grade double vanity. Only thing is, my house was built in 2004, so not sure what they were thinking!
We also have zero storage, but are about to build a linen closet in there. I told DH I'd like separate vanities with open shelving, like yours!
Can you share where you got them? And about that shower...does the water stay in?

do you mind if I pin your vanity photo on Pinterest? :)

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Lynne Reno

That looks great, judging by your old tub and vanity we had the same builder..my house was built in 1985, and to add insult to injury they put the bathtub in the bedroom. We are in the middle of a remodel right now, enlarging the shower and moving the tub into the bathroom where it belongs. I will try to post pictures in a few weeks when it's done

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Beautiful! I do think yours qualifies as a jaw-dropping remodel. Thanks for sharing.

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I have to agree with pricklypearcactus - seems pretty jaw-dropping to me. It must feel great to wake up and walk in to that bathroom. It looked pretty depressing before and now it seems like a breath of fresh air. What are the faucets?

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Stinky, that is beautiful! What a transformation.

(Yep, I'm hanging out here because I'm trying to finish our upstairs bathroom.)

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Hi PaintedPeggies! Thank you very much! First, the shower...yes I plan to add frameless shower doors. The vanities? Purchased at Home Depot. They are the 48" Gazette. I'm pleased w/the quality. They're sturdy & solid & have nice soft-close doors & drawers. The brushed-nickel, egg-shaped knobs came on them. That's the hardware I would have selected, so that was nice! Yes, it's fine if you'd like to post a pic on Pin...thanks! Good luck with your re-do!

Lynne, thanks. That's funny. Wow, a tub in the boudoir! How romantic. Your remodel sounds like it will bring some welcome & rewarding changes. Good luck with your project.

Awww...Pricklypear! That's so nice of you. Thanks!

Kfhl, that's sweet of you, and yes, it is so much nicer to walk in there now! The faucets are American Standard's "Portsmouth."

Golddust, well hello! Imagine meeting you here! I appreciate that! Will look for your post.

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Very pretty. A great improvement.

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HIWTHI...you, sweetie you! Thanks!

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That is a pretty great bathroom IMHO stinky-gardener. Congrats and enjoy it!

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Pretty, stinky-gardener. I like the lighting choices.

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Absolutely gorgeous. I love everything, and I had to laugh at the ceiling light, I have been thinking of something like that. The vanity tops are exactly the color I am wanting. Were were they purchased what color? I would love to have all of the tile as well, it is beautiful. Wonderful job. Enjoy

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Debra, wow, thanks so much! The vanity tops are carrera marble. They came with attached sinks from HD. They surpassed my expectations! Field tile is a porcelain tile, American Olean's Catarina Coliseum. Chair rail at top of shower & around tub, etc. is real marble, & from Lowes. Baseboards, also real marble, are from HD. Both overhead lights are from Lowes.

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It's just lovely! Nice job - I love the colors you went with.

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Very pretty! DD2 is redoing her MBath, so I'm over here for ideas.

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Very nice! I like the wall color, can you tell me what it is?

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You made some beautiful choices! We just finished a 'face-lift' for most of the house but have been waiting until the credit cards cool off before we tackle the bathrooms. Yours has given me hope - and some great ideas.
So - just to clarify. Did your vanity tops come with the vanities, or did you order separately?

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Therenee, thanks!

Hi Allison...thank you, & I know your DD's bathroom will be fabulous. Can't wait to see!

Happyladi, glad you like it! It's Behr's Premium Plus Eggshell in the color Clear Pond. I don't think the pics do it justice, frankly. I love this color so much! It really makes me smile. There is a subtlety & a depth to it that my pics are not registering. Check out a swatch (good size) at Home Depot, or for less than $3.00 get a little sample jar, like I did.

Gilmoregal, I appreciate that. Glad you found some ideas through my project! The vanities and the countertops both came from HD. I bought them separately though. Purchased the "Gazette" vanities very much on sale...so know that they do go on sale. The countertops do not seem to go on sale. Know that HD has a number of beautiful prefabricated granite tops with the sinks attached. They don't just make this marble one. I knew I wanted marble for this project though. It was the most expensive of the materials to choose from, however, it would have cost me 2-3 times more to have them custom made, so I'm very pleased w/the product. If you think of any other questions, please post or send me an e-mail. Good luck with your bathroom face lift!

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Well, Stinky-G, my jaw begs to differ. It's clean and simple, yet classy and elegant. Beautiful!

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Very pretty redo. Those vanities are really pretty.
Say, is that tub an air tub? I just bought a Kohler air tub with that same horizontal drain... maybe it was an Archer? It all looks good.

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Just beautiful! Love the tub surround.

Enjoy. You made lovely choices.


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I know I looked at your album before but I must have been interrupted before posting any comments...

What a stunning transformation! I love that you said your paint color makes you smile. Isn't that the way we all hope our projects will turn out? You should smile in that room because it's a beautiful space... Enjoy!!

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Scootermom, what nice things to say...thank you!

Deedles, so glad you like that vanities. Thanks for your remarks. You are right, that is the Kohler Archer tub. Mine doesn't have jets or air bubs or anything. Just a regular soaking tub. Isn't the Archer a nice design? It has such clean, simple lines.

Biochem, thanks so much. I appreciate that.

Treasuretheday, thanks for your thoughtful reply. That's very sweet of you. (Btw, your screen name makes me smile too...wonderful, wise words!)

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Everyone here is saying that your bathroom update is awesome so I had to check your before and after pics. And I got to say I agree with everyone. The transformation is brilliant! Where did you get the idea of the interior design? I would love to do some changes in my shower area as well and I am still looking for great ideas. This post is just perfect! Your bathroom is well done.. simple yet very sophisticated. Very neat! By the way, I am still wondering which shower door to use, if I should go for frameless shower doors or framed ones. I've put the url of the site which I stumbled upon accidentally..so far they offer the lowest prices online...but I still don't know which to choose.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frameless shower doors

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I wasn't hanging around here when you posted, but I saw it just now thanks to nicole. WOW, stinky -- really good work! you should rename yourself resourceful-remodeler : )

Penthesilea the Amazon Princess ;)

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Hey, also glad to check in! Love your finishes. Since I just struggled with getting the right paint for mine, I don't take that choice for granted.

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Hey, s_g, just wondered if you had posted in Baths about your powder room project and saw these pix. What a beautiful bath you've created! It looks positively luxurious for a budget remodel -- great job!

Hope your powder room is coming along to your satisfaction.

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Gorgeous! I posted pics recently in the Decorating forum to get ideas for how to temporarily update our blue tile bathroom before doing a total remodel. (Our current MB vanity reminds me of the old one in your pics.) I hope our future remodel turns out as beautiful as yours! Our plan will be similar to yours - products from Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and no GC/ designer - so it's inspirational to see how well your project turned out.

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Stinky!!! You did a great job! I LOVE IT!!! We recently had to change the faucets in our new master bath (long story but the finish on the original faucets we used was awful) and we ended up going with those same ones!

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what a transformation! It looks amazing!! Great work, stinky!

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Wow, it's fun to see this thread again! I missed out totally on the posts made in April! I checked back here today because over on Home Dec Awm03 said she'd commented here. Thanks for letting me know, Awm03!

NicoleAusten, thank you so much for your very flattering words!!! By now, I suppose you've selected your doors. Which did you choose?

Flyleft! Hi! I wasn't hanging around when YOU posted, darling! I am very touched by your screen name suggestion. Thanks!

Colorfast, that's nice of you to say. Yes, the paint selection is an important task, yes? I am delighted to say I am still enjoying this Clear Pond hue from Behr.

Awm03, thanks for looking, and for checking on my little PR project! I have all my ideas together, but not the person to make it happen! I am interviewing another "Skilled Craftsman" Monday. Send positive energy for me that this guy is the "one!" LOL!

Wifisker, thanks! I appreciate that! Indeed, HD & Lowes have some amazing options these days. Btw, my project was completed the day after Thanksgiving, 2011, and I purchased a lot from HD around Labor Day. Keep a lookout for really good sales there around that time. Many specials are online only. (I saved a bundle on the vanities buying them online and on sale.)

Hi Lukki! I think of you as the bath remodel queen, so I am really delighted that we selected the same faucet! Thanks for stopping by!

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Hey Pipdog...(I didn't see your post earlier!) Thank you very much!

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