Help to identify / date crystal bowl

coinconJuly 20, 2009



My 92 yo grandmother is moving and has given me some lovely treasures.

One is this oval crystal bowl, that she said was a wedding present to her parents. I believe they still lived in Norway when they got married.

It measures about 4 1/4 inces high, 11 1/2 inches across and 8 inches wide. The crystal is deeply cut and half an inch thick.

I would love any information I can get about it.

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Oops -- here are ohotos.

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I believe it is one of the pressed glass patterns made to imitate American Brilliant period cut glass.
I can't put a name to the pattern without pouring over some books, but it's some variation of "hob-star" or "Whirling star". Some pieces were marked...pres-cut or Higbee with a bee in the bottom.
Can you see any marking?
As far as I know those type of patterns were uniquely American and very popular around 1900 to 1910.
Does it ring like a bell when flicked with your finger?
I wish I could tell you it was American Brilliant cut glass....but I think it's pressed. Can you see a mold line anywhere?
It's beautiful!
Linda C

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Linda, thanks so much for the info!!
To answer a few of your questions--

I do not see any mark.

It rings beautifully when flicked.

I can't see any mold line anywhere.

Looking thru magnifying glass I noticed the patterns and cuts have very very slight variations(whirls are all different, on one side the large cuts don't meet and on the other just overlap, the diamonds are ever so slightly different shapes). Could this be from being hand cut or would this be present in pressed patterns too?

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Hmmm -- there is a slight something, perhaps a mark, on one of the diamonds on the bottom but it is too faint for me to identify. The other three diamonds are completely smooth but that one has two definite "dimples."

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Sounding more and more like Cut glass...can you hold it side ways and see if there might be some mark etched on the bottom?
Is that saw tooth on the rim really completely without a chip?
It's getting better all the time....

Here is a link that might be useful: American cut glass....

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Three of the sawtooths have tiny little chips that you can feel but not really see and one has a smooth chip that just ever so slightly flattens the top of the tooth.

There are a few minute little chips in a few of the cuts on the under side and some faint scratches on the bottom from wear.

Unfortunatly I do not see any mark eched anywhere. Those slight dimples, though, seem to form a triangle or crown shape.

I went to the site you recomended -- wow, what great info.

From there I searched a few other sites and I found one piece for sale that looked almost identical to mine but in a round shape -- mine it seems is an orange bowl -- but that one was signed Clark.

She is so sparkly now that I gave her a gentle washing!

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Flint glass is "soft" chips and scratches easily....also cuts easily into beautiful facets.
The fact that it has little chips and scratches shows me even more that it's cut glass.
You have a treasure....not only very beautiful but valuable.
But it's fragile, chips easily and may be unstable at cold temperatures or changing atmospheric pressure. So don't take it up to Mount Everest, nor store it in an unheated attic.
And don't put it in the dishwasher nor use it to serve ice cream nor something you have to keep in the refrigerator.

So what else did Grandma give you??
Linda C

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That is a beautiful piece----I was also wondering what else Grandma left to you.

I love old sentimental pieces


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Your grandma loves you so much. That crystal bowl is so precious to her. I'm not an expert in telling how old is an antique item but knowing its a wedding gift for them it must be kept well and be protected.

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