Any curlies AND Aveda Salon users here?

LibbyLizApril 20, 2007

I'm looking for information on how the Aveda Salons prepped your curly hair for a cut, & how they did the cut & style.

I recently lost my curly-headed stylist due to the salon owner deciding to close the doors forever to be a stay-at-home mom & my stylist not looking for work either with a recent addition to her family. =(

So I was thinking of giving an Aveda Salon a try when I heard they supposedly specialize in all types of hair.

However, just in case, I know not to trust a stylist who wants to cut curly hair while wet because when it dries it becomes shorter than if it were straight hair. And I know not to trust a stylist who wants to razor/thin curly hair or it'll look frizzy & as if it has split ends. Meaning... I've been in both situations & don't want to be in such again!

I just don't want to resort to pulling the "I know better than you!" card.

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Never mind my question. I posted to another forum & have received a few replies already.

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