What happened to the taste of Coffee?

lovetogardenJune 19, 2006

What happened to the taste of coffee? My favorite coffee is Columbian but lately, no matter what brand I use and no matter how strong I make it, it has no taste or aroma. When I used to open a can of Columbian the scent would fill the room. Now -nothing! Not even an aroma when it's brewing. I understand that growers have developed new varieties of plants that are grown differently from how coffee has been grown in the past. I wonder if this is the reason for the change?

Anyone else see/taste the change too? Your thoughts on the subject would be interesting.

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Much Colombian coffee is low-grade, mass-produced stuff these days. If you want a decent Colombian coffee, insist on the highest grade, Supremo, from the state of Narino. The "canned" Colombian coffee is invariably a lower grade product not grown at higher elevations.

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I agree.It seems whatever brand and how much,I cant seem to get the flavor or scent back.I guess its time to upgrade.

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I've noticed that I used to hear the vacuum leak/hiss and smell the wonderful aroma of the coffee grounds when I opened a metal can of coffee ... now with the plastic containers of Folger's there doesn't seem to be a vacuum any more when I peel off the aluminum 'foil' under the plastic outer cover and I don't smell the coffee aroma any more either. Why have they switched the packaging? I still like the Farmer's Brothers served in many restaurants; can it (the grounds) be bought in retail stores? This Swede misses the aroma of coffee too, 'lovetogarden'!

- vieja

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yes! I too have noticed the coffee doesn't taste like coffee any more. No taste, no aroma. I have tirelessly tried every single brand, and roast, in every single supermarket, over the last few years trying to find that old fashioned good cup of coffee that actually tastes and smells like coffee. I've even looked up local roasters and tried their coffee's freshly ground for me as I waited. Still no coffee flavor, and no aroma. Help! What does a person have to do to get a good old fashion flavorful, aroma filled, cup of coffee? My X who used to drink a lot of coffee, now quit drinking coffee all together for the same reason. It all tastes like diesel fuel. What is the point to a cup of coffee if it doesn't taste like coffee?

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