Tan Secret /Tan Towelette

michie1April 7, 2004

Has anyone tried the tan towelettes sold on HSN? While it sounds like it would be allot less mess than creams, sprays, I wonder how cost effective it is. It must take several towels to do the whole body. How many applications for it to look like I have a REAL tan, not just a little tiny bit of golden tone. I would think that you could spend the whole 10 towels getting the initial color tan.

Also I remember tan secret from last yr, but I see hsn doesn't carry it this yr. Has anyone had any experience with it & have any idea where I may locate it? I loved that it was a mousse so it didn't drip & you could see where it was applied.


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Ilove my Tan Towels. My skin color is very fair and it's so nice to have some color.

I'm on autoship!!!

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I bought tan towels from Bath and Body for $10.00 and they worked great. I used two towels for my whole body and face. When I ran out, I tried to be cheap and went back to cream- and unfortunately the streaks came back. So this week I am trying to be creative and I put lotion on some cheap make up pads I had to recreate the towel effect- I will let you know how that works out
Bath and Body is 10 for 10- and they do have sales

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Well I finally used them & they are lousy. It would take several to cover my body & I didn't notice anything until I went 3 rounds & then it was only just enought that I knew I ha a little more color than usual. Certainly didn't look like i had a tan. What a waste of $.


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I consider myself an expert when it comes to self tanning and I have tried them all! The best self tanner on the market is called Tan Secret. The color is totally natural and you get instant coverage. It is a gel and dries fast and delivers incredible results! The towels are a waste of time...takes 4 towels to do my body, left me streaked and didn't give me instant results. I will only use Tan Secret. You can only get it on Toni's website www.tonibrattin.com She has a new tanning boost that I just ordered off ShopNBC called Tan Fabulous. I will let you know what I think when it arrives!

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