Jose Cuervo pre-mixed margaritas-yum

mgerken73June 21, 2005

Just wanted to expouse the yumminess of this beverage :) I got some for a bbq we had a week and a half ago. And of course paid for it the next day. but its pre-mixed with the tequila, and also has Grand Marnier in it. Its about $20 (by me in NY) for a good sized bottle. I'd say you can probably get a good 10 drinks from it. but then i was a little toasty and don't remember all that well..

the liquor store by me got 5 cases for memorial day, and by last weekend (June 11th), i had bought the last 2 bottles in his store (no i didn't buy the rest, i just discovered it lol).. So its pretty good stuff, just to give you an idea of how well it sold to us lushes on Long Island, NY :)

Anyway, just thought I'd pass on the info in case anyone was interested for their summer parties :)

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Yep you're right... it's good stuff. We drink it too.

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Yum is right! Even better if you "buck it up" a little with some full strength Cuervo especial!!!

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