Cost of stove installation?

rgustafsJanuary 27, 2009

My folks were orignially told their stove would be about $250 for the install. It is going to be removal of a slide in electric Jenn-Air with down draft and replacing with newer electric slide in J-A with down draft.

Now they are being told the install will be $800 so they are fed up and cancelled the order.

Generally speaking, how much should it cost (in Texas not NYC) to have your average stove installed?

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I can't answer the how much, but are there stairs? Do the fittings for the old and new stoves match? Was delivery included in the bigger bid but not the smaller? If you're sure that the $250 and the $800 were for the exactly the same thing (i.e., deliver to their location (or not), carry in with obstacles (stairs, pulleys, or whatever) included, removal of old stove, actually installation, etc.), then call the store and ask 'em if they made a mistake!

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There's delivery and installation and often these are charged separately. Delivery of a bunch of appliances including my range was $75. Installation of my gas range by a plumber was $100. An electric range is easier to install EXCEPT that yours has a downdraft which will require some amount of hookup although if it's replacing an existing one, then it shouldn't be too big a deal. In any case $800 sounds way too high.

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I was charged $80 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. It took him a little less than 2 hours, but the stove was on site and I had everything ready to go.

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Sounds like wayyy tooo muuuch! I was just quoted $150 to remove a double oven and install a a new one. An electric range should be easy - it's just wires. Was there a down-draft there already? Is this going to require the installers to run duct work for the down-draft? I really can't think why the price should be so high - or why they were quoted one price and now that price has quadrupled!

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If the duct size and location are not being changed then $250.00 is most generous. To remove an electric range and reconnect a new range should be approx. $89.00 if they have to rework the duct that could cost extra, but no where near $800.00 Go on-line and check Abt Appliance they publish installation pricing and so does others just google and compare.

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Joe Henderson LRG

Here's the trick about that job. It may or may not be easily done. I could see that job easily running up to $500-$700 if it requires more advanced duct work.

I think it's more likely that the guy saw the job was not going to be easy, realized he couldn't do it or didn't want to and gave you such a high price he knew you'd cancel. I'd try another guy for sure

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Whew. You guys are all making me feel so much better. I was nervous that I missed the boat on rising costs and installation was going to be in the $800 neighborhood.

I would guess that no bigtime ductwork needs to be done, but there is one set of brick stairs (8) to get into the house. This delivery/install quote was from The Great Indoors so we will look elsewhere for an installer and just have TGI deliver the stove or something.

Thanks for all the great info.

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