Did you like 'Princess' Catherine's dress???

lynn_r_ctApril 29, 2011

Am I the only one who was disappointed? Not that she needed something as iconic as Diana's, but I would have liked to see something more interesting. This looked as if she could have bought it in David's Bridal. She is a pretty woman with a fabulous figure that could have pulled off anything, so I was really disappointed. Anyone else???

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She could have worn a potato sack and would have been gorgeous. It was an unconventionally beautiful dress, and I wasn't expecting it, but as long as she was happy than that makes it beautiful.

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I liked the dress. It was elegant and very suitable for the occasion. Kate is a beautiful woman and evidently has a real sense of style. I'm sure she will be a "style leader" much as Diana was.

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I liked the dress;
it had a sort of Medieval look that played up Kate's slender shape.

(but I think Harry was the cutest!)

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If you read about it, there were lace panels designed to depict the symbols for the various countries that make up the British Isles. Impressive.

Frankly, I thought she looked beautiful. She had to have a dress that would be proper decorum for Westminster Abby. Even at that, I was pleased she did not try to go for the sexy, peek a boo style so many USA brides like.

I love to watch bridal dress shopping shows. So many brides select the cutting edge style you want, but they would be inappropriate for the church wedding there.

I do have to say that I thought Diana was a beautiful bride too. But I felt sorry for her that her gown was so wrinkled as she exited the coach that took her to St. Paul's. Her Spencer tiara and veil were so pretty on her.

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I thought it was very pretty, if a little "sedate" but given her position as future queen of England and the venue, it was appropriate.

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