Vanilla Coke vs Pepsi Twist

YugiJune 27, 2002

Even though there different kinds of flavor Vanilla Coke taste a lot better than Pepsi Twist becuase The twist just can't beat Vanilla!!!!

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I had Vanilla Coke and I nearly barfed...... I guess it suits some people.. I like Coke over Pepsi, but to me, Coke and Pepsi Twist are a tie..

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I haven't tried the vanilla coke yet, but I imagine there isn't enough vanilla flavoring in it. Pepsi Twist is ok, but you can hardly taste the lemon. I add lemon concentrate to my colas and they taste way better than Pepsi Twist...cheaper too if I use generic cola.

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Sunny .. the vanilla coke has a lot of vanilla flavor to it. Much more than the cream sodas I usually drink.

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I like the vanilla coke - tried it a few days ago. Pepsi Twist OTOH is awful. Smells like Lemon Scented Lysol. Totally fake!


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Fake and smell was what I thought about vanilla coke. But lots of processed food flavors are done that way- just a strong smell that convinces you that you are tasting the flavor. Think back to having a head cold. Your nose is more perceptive than your taste buds.

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Vanilla coke in can was better tasting to me than the 20 oz bottle. JMO

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Vanilla coke reminds me of the coke floats we made as kids. Really tastes like it has melted vanilla ice cream in it.

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