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arizonaroseApril 5, 2007

What is your opinion of the best hair dye to use @ home? I want a permanent dye in a medium brown shade to cover some grey. Right now my hair is medium brown with flecks of grey and grey streak in the front. Once I used Herbal essence (clairol) in a brown shade & it turned out pretty good. Since my hair is super short one hair cut will probably cut most of the dyed hair off.

Also, do you think dying your hair makes it softer or will it give it more texture?



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Garnier Nutrisse is my favorite.

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I was just going to post the same question! I do my own sometimes. I prefer the hairdresser but I'm feeling frugal this month. I tried L'Oreal Feria but it seemed to fade quickly and turn reddish. I want a dark brown to cover some gray.

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I use L'Oreal light brown and it comes out medium brown. Buy one shade lighter than what you want. I used to have trouble w/ mine fading too fast but since I started using Tresemme shampoo it seems to last longer. I probably do it every 4-6 weeks. It gives my hair a lot of needed texture. I get in the bathtub b/4 I even start so if some drops in the bathtub it will wash off w/o staining. I got it on bathroom cabinets once and I could not get it off. I take the phone and a clock and have a leisure bath while the hair dye sets.

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I found this site with product reviews. I'm going to go buy color today. I'm going to go with either Wella Color Charm (if I don't find the professional instructions too much to deal with) or Garnier Nutrisse which is easy to pick up at Target or someplace similar.

Any more thoughts from anyone?

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair color reviews.

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I think I'm going w/Garnier Nutrisse too. I'm going to wait a bit tho...til right after my next hair cut. i'm the one that posted about the short spikey hair cut. i'm loving the cut...but need some color!

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I have been using Revlon Colorsilk for the past 3 yrs. It will last me about 10 weeks. My hair is a medium brown and I buy the Light Ash Brown which I like really well. The first time I tried it, I only left it on for ten minutes thinking it would be too dark but found that the full 25 minutes was fine. It covers up the gray nicely.

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I love Natural Instincts by Clairol. Yet,it is semi and not permanent. My hair feels silky smooth after using it,and looks shiney and lovely. I use it cuz i dont really want to change my color,just add some color to it (I get lovely red highlights from it)
When I have used permanent, it has always been Loreal...I think because i like their colors better.However,any permanent will texturize hair more,and make it less soft.

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I use L'Oreal Excellence hair coloring at home. I haven't had trouble with fading. When color fades, it's not always the fault of the color. Often the problem is the products used on the hair. Cheap shampoos will strip the color from your hair. In beauty school, we learned to use several drug store brands to fade color if it was too dark. The harsh chemicals in many shampoos will unintentionally give you this result. Invest in a good shampoo to give your color staying power. Here's a great line to try:

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Update. I ended up using Garnier 100% Color in deep brown. I'm happy with the color and texture of my hair. Because I have already colored my hair I used the instructions for touch-up rather than new color. I always use shampoo and conditioner that is designed to protect the color.

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I like L'oreal Excellence or Preference. But buy a shade or two lighter than the box indicates, because the consumer haircoloring isn't as true to color as the professional stuff.

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