Cross-body bags

tripletmom83April 28, 2013

I see that cross-body bags are pretty popular right now. I have never had one, but am tired of carrying a big heavy purse over my shoulder. I'd like to try a smallish cross-body bag, but I am almost 60 years old. Do you think this is too youthful a look for me? Do you think it would be better in a neutral shade, or should I get a pretty color for summer? I was thinking coral, or apricot. One of the worst things about getting older is trying to dress appropriately for your age without looking matronly. If it makes a difference, I am 5'4", with a smallish frame, size 8/10.

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I absolutely think you should try one, and in any fun color you want! I've always preferred wearing my bags across my body. Not only does it feel like a lighter load, but it leaves both hands free to shop. It's not going to slip off my shoulder and nobody can snatch it away. When I buy a purse with a nice long strap, I do make sure the bag is a little flat and not a bulky one. There are so many pretty Spring colors out there now. Have fun! And get some ballet flats to match!

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Sounds like a good idea Sameboat. It's funny, I never thought I'd be the type to get "set in my ways". Used to be the one who was always changing hairstyles, makeup, fashion. Now that I'm older, I am more hesitant. But I think I'll take your advice, and get some new shoes to match.

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Triplemom83, I don't think it's too youthful of a look for a nearly-60-year-old at all. I like the cross-body bags because they seem to balance the weight of the bag more evenly than a heavy purse. And coral or apricot sounds lovely! The style and color are certainly not age-limited.

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I hope it isn't too young for you because I am 63 and I just bought two cute cross body bags at Target. AND I am tall and fat. Sooooo may not look right on me for sure!! I too have been carrying large heavy shoulder bags. Looking to lighten up.

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