eyebrow waxing

marie26April 24, 2005

any one do this at home? and if so how? i am in a town that doesnt have anyone i trust to do it.(on a trip visiting people) it needs to be done though. any store products that work? i hate to tweeze-rather wax

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on a trip isn't the best time to be picking up new skills- and waxing is just that.

Sally Hansen and a few others make waxing strips that are curved for brows- they sort of work, but they're far from perfect. but they can't do any real harm, wheras some of the more 'involved' methods can be- hot wax processes isn't something you want to experiment with, especially not on your face, and I have had zero luck with the cold wax/sugar methods in general- and again, you mess up your legs, you wear pants. on your face? might be worse than stray hairs.

if you're going home soon, sally hansen also makes a 'lightener' (ok, a bleach paste) that you could use to make your new growth less visible... the other option is to just to ask someone who has nice, groomed brows.

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I have never done this but I know my eyebrows would look much better if I did. Is it really as torturously painful as it looks? My face is very sensitive so it's probably not the best method for me. I usually pluck them (no tweezers, just with my fingers) after I get out of the shower. Not that that's foolproof, but at least it doesn't hurt! LOL

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phyllis- while I think everyone benefits from the occasional grooming- I think the current run is taking it too far, and knowing what MY mom's eyebrows look like today, think a lot of women are going to have the same problem (you can fake eyelashes, you can't fake brows with anything short of tattooing.)

fresh out of the shower is the best time for most of us, I like a pointed tweezer, my best friend prefers a slanted tip, we both swear by Tweezermans...she likes the $15 model, I'm fine with the $5 'travel' size.

for the most part, you only need to remove the strays- mine tend to cluster on the top, outside edge (well into my temples) some people get them 'under' the arch, and some peoples gather between their brows.

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