Alcohol how much do u consume?

FredaSKMay 1, 2002

Hi I was wondering is anyone a closet drinker...or do u drink out loud...or perhaps neither? For me I drink out loud but perhaps I should be a closet drinker for than I won't be inbarrassed the next day LOL

I dont drink often and when I do I go!!!!!GO HARD!!!! Does anyone else have this problem? and the only I drink is beer!!!!

If I mix I am an totall idiet. That means no more for me. Going to AA tonightLOL


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I don't. Consume alcohol, that is. Both my husband's parents were alcoholic. In fact, his mother went to prison from too many DWI's. My husband is a highway patrolman now (I think they are called state troopers in other states). He's seen lots of alcohol-related deaths. I have no problem with people drinking, that's their right, as long as they know their limits and don't hurt anyone else. By the way, AA saved my father-in-law's life.

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Were you drunk when you posted?

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Maybe beer or wine sometimes. But, alcohol has never been much of a big deal for me. Feel lucky that way.

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I was wondering that too, sunny66. I have a 2 yr old and only get to drink every once in a while. I'm the one who is normally designated driver and that doesn't bother me. I have had friends killed DUI and too many people I've known have gotten DUI's and screwed their life up major. I used to drink bunches with my friends and I don't know how we made it home-that's so scary when you think about it now. You were just having so much fun all night and driving didn't really seem to be the issue. Do yourself a favor and us-stay home and drink or find someone who will be designated so we don't read about you on a grief forum. I mean that from my heart. If you are seriously going to AA...good for you. Life is so much better when those things don't control you. Sorry if I sounded harsh.

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Freda, don't feel you are alone with a drinking concern, it's quite widespread but no one admits it because alcohol is a legal substance , it would not cost you anything to sit in on a AA meeting, they are quite welcoming and will let you observe and not judge you..... feel free to post again if you want to let us know how you are doing.

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Trauma nurse says that there is a hell of a lot of auto accidents drinking related. Be responsible.

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FredaSK- I think that's normal for a lot of people out there. If you were a total closet drinker, then maybe you'd have something to really think about. Drinking and driving is definately a no-no, but I don't believe you said you do that. I think a lot of people automatically think that people who get drunk are bad or can't control themselves. I don't think that's the case with you. It sounds to be like you like to occasinally have a good time. I WOULD suggest cutting back on a few if you feel like you're turning into an alcohol induced idiot. At least you can say you only act like that when you drink, lots of people act like idiots sober! ;)

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I drink to NOT be an idiot, but then I turn into an ass! LOL
No, seriously, my friend, I think your drinking out loud is not your primary hangup - as a fellow "don't know when to stop cuz I am finally having fun" kindof guy, I would guess that your problem stems more from social skills - I would guess you feel more confident when you are drinking and then really beat up on yourself the next day for being, um, TOO confident! It's easy to turn it into an addiction, but make sure you are treating the RIGHT problem.

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I seldom drink, and then only drinks that really taste good--strawberry dacquiris or pina coladas. I don't like the way drinking makes me feel. It just makes me sleepy.

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Beer, wine, hard drinks, whatever. The amount may vary but the ingredient is still alcohol. I've heard too many people say, but it's only beeer.

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I think it's particularly funny that nearly everyone responded with something about Dui/DWI and auto accidents.

You all assumed that anyone that drinks is going to do so in a venue that necessitates driving afterwards.

In many locations, this is very rare. Big cities, for instance. People take cabs everywhere. Or in many locales, it is part of the social culture to have a rotating Designated Driver.

I just found it interesting how everyone immediately chimed in about that.


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My last beer was, I think, 4 months ago.

My last gin & tonic (my preferred summer drink) was about 3 weeks ago.

My last glass of ice wine? Last night.

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Once upon a time, a lot. When I was young and single I was out at the bar up to 6 nights a week! Having to do laundry was the only reason it wasn't 7. I played softball (hence the moniker) and we all celebrated each victory and drowned each loss. After a few CLOSE calls I restricted my drinking to close to home; no more than 5-10 minutes away. As for now that I'm married with children, I might have a few at a family picnic or special occasion; my wife is a one-and-done person, so she drives. As I write this I haven't had a drop in maybe three weeks. The fact that it now takes me over two days to get over a moderate bender is also a deterrent.

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I know a guy who had 43 beers in one night. When I quit smoking I'd get drunk every Sat. nite, and then for some reason my liver would get inflammed, which is a sign you're drinking TOO much. So I went a few months without it (which was hard) but now I'm okay.

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