Need a recipe for mint julips

Megan_in_WVMay 11, 2002

I have plenty of mint growing in my garden and I have bourbon. I'm thinking of making mint julips. Do you have the recipe and are they really worth making?

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Make a simple syrup by boiling a cup of water and half a cup of suger together. Put a generous sprig of mint and 1 tsp of sugar in the bottom of a glass or julep cup...muddle it together so the suger gets mixed with crushed mint leaves, fill the glass with crushed ice, add 1 T. sugar syrup and fill to the rim with bourbon. stir with a long handled spoon from the bottom up to mix the mint with the bourbon.
As to if they are worth making?.....Depends. I got very drunk on mint Juleps once....thought I was drinking a lady's drink. So be careful....they can knock you on your ear!
Linda C

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Thanks Linda! I made them my, Mom and Dad (had them over for Mother's day) really liked them---I didn't care for them though. I think I just don't like the taste of bourbon.

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Just make them with less bourbon.

I like them with less than other people like them and you might want to crush the mint in with the simple syrup since the heat brings out the mint flavor.

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