A couple old vases - worth anything?

lydia1959July 1, 2012

These belong to my friend's aunt that is moving. Could the tall one be a Roseville? The number looks like 670 to me. The blue glass vase is unmarked.

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The green-ish one is "Roseville-esque"...art pottery of the same era...but not Van Briggle nor any of the other big names.

Very nice vase...I can see it full of daisys, or tulips or zinnias...
The glass I believe....for what I can see...is a repro of a carnival glass piece....it appears thick with prominent mold marks and little detail...is that right?
Worth...? Not much for either....but the green vase, I like....a lot!

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I haven't seen these pieces in person, but it does look like the blue glass does have prominent mold marks, especially on the base.

Thanks for your help, I have sent your reply to my friend.

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The green one is McCoy and maybe worth about 25-30 dollars. It's called McCoy vellum.

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Found some of those on eBay Javaandjazz.. sure does look like that could be it. Thanks!

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So....that sent me on an internet stroll! LOL! And I learned a lot....Brush pottery, Brush-McCoy and McCoy...different stuff, different eras....but closely related.
I think the green vase is Brush-McCoy.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: History of brush mcCoy

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