Swimwear for large bust?

irislover7bApril 8, 2007

Can anyone recommend brands of swimsuits for those of us who are shorter and heavier than swimsuit models? I need to shop for one, but dread it. I'm short, wear size 8 clothes, 34DD bra. I need support at the top. I saw the Miraclesuit brand in some online catalogs, and thought it looked good. I'd like to find something less expensive, though. I was looking at the Eddie Bauer site and saw a model wearing a tankini top and water shorts. I might rather do that than a swimsuit. Any recommendations of brands available in stores, preferably less than $100, with good support?

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Swimsuit shopping, what fun !!! not..

I wouldn't recommend buying on line; finding a knowledgeable sales person would be ideal as far as knowing which brands cater to your figure.

I even had a suit made to measure a few years back, it did all kinds of wonderful things for my figure flaws but it felt uncomfortable, too tight, which I guess is inevitable if it's going to hold everything in.

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There are several specialty bathing suit shops that you might try. Don't buy on line, been there, done that. It usually doesn't work very well. If you have a major department store in your area, try the Miraclesuit. I've some friends who love the suit. Their suits really do make you look 10 lbs thinner. There are also some guidelines to follow to minimize your bust if you wish. Google it.

Ugh, glad I bought suits at the end of last season.

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If you want to shop online, Lands End and LL Bean have suits that are affordable, and you can try them on in the privacy of your home. You could order a couple or even 3 and send back the two you don't like. Our local Sears has a nice Lands End section.

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I actually recommend getting your swimsuit (from personal experience and recommendation from a friend) to get your suit from Victoria's Secret. I was hesitant at first, but found that it's the best support top I've ever bought because you purchase it by actual bra size. The only problem that I found was that because there's so much padding up top (I'm a size D) it takes longer to dry, so I end up discreetly trying to wring out the cups if I'm going to lay out. Otherwise all that padding keeps you pretty chilly on those windy beach and pool days.

Good luck!

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I'm also looking for a top with more support, preferably an underwire. I can't find any underwire swimsuits anywhere! I tried Newport News, they had one for $14.99, but it had the ugliest flower attached to the side of the top and I couldn't get it off without ruining the suit. It looked like some kind of tumor growing out of my waist!

I was thinking of trying online again, but I would much rather go to a store.

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Victoria Secret swimsuits are the best I've found. They are built around a real bra with an underwire and offer both support and a pretty suit (that doesn't look like your Grandma's swimsuit). I bought two from the website last year because the stores carry a limited selection. I was happily surprised that they fit and looked great.

I tried on dozens in every major department store last year. Every one, including the Miraclesuit, were disappointing.

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