I need some wine suggestions

ashleybMay 2, 2002

My husband and I would like to try having wine every once in a while. However, neither of us knows anything about it. We don't like the dry wines and like the sweeter ones. Any suggestions?

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If I am serving wine to someone who I know prefers a sweeter style wine then I usually serve German Wines. Although they make dry wines as well A Riesling labeled with the term Kabinett will be on the dry side, labeled with Spatlese will be sweeter and labeled with Auselese will we sweeter still. After this you start to get into a sweetness level that is a dessert wine. You can also try some of the Austrian, and American Rieslings and wines made from the muscat grape.

Also the Rieslings tend to be lower in alcohol which makes them great for someone who is not use to drinking and as well a nice wine for summer drinking. I would speak to someone at the store that you buy your wines and explain what you are looking for. They can point you in the right direction for your price range.


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Ann gives good advice....you might also think about one of the bottled sangrias....or depending on how sweet you like your wine a pink wine like a white zinfandel.
Linda C

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Linda, Good Suggestion. I forgot about White Zinfandel. A lot of people who do not know much about wines or just like something sweet like White Zinfandel. I call it Cotton Candy in a bottle.


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I agree that you might like to try a White Zinfandel - my favorite is Berengers.

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Why not try an nice Italian Pinot Grigio. A nice white that is not too dry yet not to sweet. A great wine to drink alone or with apps or dinner.

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I normally don't care for sweeter wines but recently had a Beringer White Merlot and it was delicious. Make sure you buy Beringer. I tried a few others and they weren't as good.

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If you're going for a Pinot Grigio, consider Santa Marghertia's. I loves red wine and am not too crazy about white, bit I do like this one.

Hey Ann, how about a (hold on to your socks while I try to speall this) Gwertztramina for those who like sweeter wines.


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What is Pinot Blanc considered (dry, sweet, grape juice)? I had it once a long time ago and can't remember what it tasted like and rarely see it for sale? Any help?

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I love good Gewurztraminers but not all of them are sweet. Some of the really good Alsatian Gewurztraminers are quite dry. The German Gewurzs tend to be medium dry to sweet.


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Wines made from the Pinot Blanc grape tend to be on the dry side rather than on the sweeter side.

Also the Pinot Gris wines that I buy from Italy, Oregon or California, are quite dry.


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Wine.com is very informative. This info may help you explore your options in the sweeter varietals.

Here is a link that might be useful: About wines

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Hi Ashley,

I am wondering if the reason you don't like dry wines, is because of the oaking of many wines during the making.
Some Sauvignon Blanc wines are made
without being oaked and have a wonderful citrus flavor
that is very light and aromatic. We drink it for
lunch, or dinner and it is even good if you are having
a late brunch and want to serve something other than
Bloody Mary's. Granted I grow Sauvignon Blanc in Sonoma
but as I explained to someone recently the reason I grow
it, is because I like it so much.
Other suggestions made by previous posters were excellent

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If I had to pick a varietal that over the boards is a favroite...sauvignon blanc would be it!
There are French Chablis' that I love, and Pinot Grigios, and the German wines....
But over all....Sauvignon Blanc!
For my lady friends who say..."just a little white wine for me"...( and proceed to drink the bottle before dinner!LOL!) I keep a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the refrig. I am often asked..."what kind of chablis is this?" LOL!
Linda C

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I love all the wines that Linda has mentioned but I don't think I would ever mistake a Sauvignon Blanc for a French Chablis, one being a White Burgundy and the other a white Bordeaux. I have found that because Sauvignon Blancs come in many styles you have to be careful when you are serving them to people who prefer a more subtle flavoured wine. Many of the Sauvignon Blancs have a very grassy, or as some people describe it, asparagus or green flavour that is very pronounced. Fortunately I like this type. Some are oak aged and some have more fruit in the flavour which seems to appeal to many who are not really into the stronger flavoured wines. Something to remember though that if you are looking for a sweet wine as the original poster was, Sauvignon Blancs are not sweet and in fact can be bone dry.


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Ann, my point was....to some all white wines are chablis.....and occasionally chardonnay.
BTW....my toy poodle is named Chablis....I call her Chabby.
Linda C

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I love your babys name "Chardonnay". I had actually thought of naming our two Himalayan cats, Chardonnay and Cabernet.


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